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May 25

7 Reasons- why your sales stopped while it was doing really well

I launched my eCommerce store a few months back and it was all good with decent sales coming almost every day. About a few weeks ago, everything just grounded to halt. I am wondering what could be the reason because I am still investing the same on advertising and other things. Sounds familiar? If yes.

May 15

Optimize 360: Implications of the Google’s new offering

2017 could be a milestone in the field of Conversion Rate Optimization because of a single development by the tech giant- Google Optimize, and Google Optimize 360. Both of these testing tools were in beta mode for a long time. However, after a prolonged stay in beta, both were finally made available to the general

May 10

4 common mistakes in A/B testing only a handful of testers know

When you are working on conversion rate optimization of your website, A/B testing is the first thing that comes to aid. A/B testing is one of most accessible and popular tool known to the marketers. While many businesses have seen the extended conversions with this tool, others have used it, only to fell into the

May 3

Pros and cons of the popular A/B testing tools in the market

If you are even an occasional follower of popular conversion optimization and related blogs, you know that testing is a prominent requirement for your web business’s success. A customer base is a relative term, and it always unique in different time spans. You might be lucky to have a recent modification performing well without testing,

Apr 21

How to setup an A/B testing experiment on MockingFish?

MockingFish provides an economical yet efficient A/B testing tool to the testers. With its A/B split testing and various usability testing options, MockingFish is a multi-testing program that provides so many options to the testers. Audience targeting, URL targeting, click heatmap tracking, scroll map tracking are some of the main features that you can easily

Apr 7

Did you try the new Google Optimize A/B testing tool?

After a prolonged stay in beta version, the stable version of Google Optimize is now finally available for everyone. With this release, Google has made both of its Optimize and Optimize 360 A/B testing tools accessible to the general public. While Google Optimize is free of cost, The Google Optimize 360 is believed to be

Apr 6

Where to find images for your eCommerce site

There is a popular saying in eCommerce world. “A Picture is worth a thousand online sales”. May be it’s just a saying, but it certainly applies to your eCommerce business. Images, pictures, and photos, they are used on every website we find on the internet. Especially on eCommerce websites, they become the most important element.

Mar 21

An OpenCart Heatmap Tool to analyze your visitors

OpenCart is a very popular and widely used eCommerce platform today. Being one of the most favored eCommerce platforms, it provides easiest setup and maintenance interfaces. Although OpenCart websites posses accomplished flexibility on SEO and CRO front, despite all your efforts, a heatmap tracking is a necessary activity to perform. A heatmap tool can provide

Mar 20

How important is a WordPress A/B Testing Tool?

It’s most likely correct to say that everybody who runs a website needs it to convert better and better. Regardless of whether that implies more email list generation, deals, offers, customers, leads, downloads or anything that you are attempting to accomplish with your website. You could hire developers to roll out improvements in a desire

Mar 15

How to use a Click heatmap tool to optimize your CTA performance?

  Click heatmaps are the fabulous approach to comprehend your visitors’ behavior and use that understanding for conversion rate optimization. Call-to-action buttons are very important and non-replaceable element of a web page. Especially, the landing page becomes useless when its CTA button does not function as it is expected to. Today, we will understand how