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Mar 21

An OpenCart Heatmap Tool to analyze your visitors

OpenCart is a very popular and widely used eCommerce platform today. Being one of the most favored eCommerce platforms, it provides easiest setup and maintenance interfaces. Although OpenCart websites posses accomplished flexibility on SEO and CRO front, despite all your efforts, a heatmap tracking is a necessary activity to perform. A heatmap tool can provide

Mar 20

How important is a WordPress A/B Testing Tool?

It’s most likely correct to say that everybody who runs a website needs it to convert better and better. Regardless of whether that implies more email list generation, deals, offers, customers, leads, downloads or anything that you are attempting to accomplish with your website. You could hire developers to roll out improvements in a desire

Mar 15

How to use a Click heatmap tool to optimize your CTA performance?

  Click heatmaps are the fabulous approach to comprehend your visitors’ behavior and use that understanding for conversion rate optimization. Call-to-action buttons are very important and non-replaceable element of a web page. Especially, the landing page becomes useless when its CTA button does not function as it is expected to. Today, we will understand how

Mar 14

Scroll heatmap tool for a perfect content marketing

Content marketing through articles and blog has become very popular form of communication with the customers. In this internet-dominated world, you largely rely on contents for both CRO and SEO of your websites. In 2017 content have become the mainstream for SEO, and after the latest Google penguin release, it has become important like nothing

Mar 10
How to utilize a Magento AB testing tool for easy test campaign setup | MockingFish

How to utilize a Magento A/B testing tool for easy test campaign setup?

E-Commerce and conversion rate optimization are the two important things that go hand in hand in the online world. An eCommerce business without conversion is same as not having a website at all. We talk about conversion optimization tips about different eCommerce stores; some or easy to adopt and some are real tricky when it

Mar 9

Mouse click heatmap, and what they say about your CTAs?

The name call-to-action is enough to state that ‘they are important’. A website without call-to-action is just another investment that would return void for your business. So, CTAs are ‘so important’. A proper place for CTA on your website is equally important as having a CTA at all. Any smart web design will have a

Mar 8

Recipe of a successful website with boosted eCommerce conversion rate

You can never launch a perfect website! Yes, that’s a truth, because there is no shortcut or fast track to success in eCommerce business at least. By working with a successful eCommerce site, I have experienced and learned some lessons that are important for every successful business. How can you measure the success of your

Mar 7

Is your Free A/B testing tool really usable?

The market is full of A/B testing tools that claim to provide the best testing experience free of cost. Today, when I searched on the web, there were thousands of results in front of me on Google’s SERP. Unfortunately, I did not find a single tool which really serves my purpose. A/B testing tools are

Mar 6

5 explanations on why website heat map is important

Website heat map is a modern means used by marketers or website owners to decide a path of actions in CRO front. They do so by tracking the visitor’s behavior in relation to your website. Tracking your visitor’s behavior is something that is not done like eye tracking. Instead, A website heat map tool is

Mar 3

How to get the best output with a heatmap tool on conversion front?

A heatmap tool is something about which you can find millions of articles. Articles talking about how a particular heatmap tool would sprinkle the magic-dust to fly your conversion rates. The fact is, no paid heatmap or free heatmap tool can start driving conversions for your website magically. It’s not the heatmap tool that does