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Sep 21

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for 2019

This is absolutely right, we’re talking about the conversion rate optimization tips that are beneficial for your eCommerce business today and will help you have a successful 2019. We have already told you the CRO tips that made your business shine in 2018, now it’s about 2019. If you have an awesome design and good

Sep 11

Increase your Email Subscribers with these 5 tips

When it comes to conversions, email marketing is considered to be the king in the eCommerce industry. No matter how many subscribers you have on your email list, you would always want to add more email addresses on your list. Regardless of the size of your website and what it deals in, one of your

Aug 30

What do you learn from Heatmaps?

What exactly are Heatmaps? Heatmaps are one of the best ways to acquire valuable information about the visitors coming to your website. The tool allows the eCommerce marketers to analyze the customer’s behavior. It is one method that offers insights which other tools cannot. Hence, heatmaps are definitely beneficial for your website and the conversion

Aug 17

How to understand where to focus with the Mouse Move heatmap?

When it comes to tracking your customer’s behavior, website tracking and monitoring serve as an essential component. An additional reason for tracking your webstore would be – increasing the conversion rate of your website. For the purposes to be fulfilled, you should constantly keep your landing pages or any important pages under tracking. If you

Aug 13

Heatmap FAQs for your eCommerce business

Don’t we all wish to have a tool that would help us in optimizing the eCommerce business? Well, you might be thinking that you already have something that would and it is called as the A/B Testing. You are somewhat correct here. But what we are focusing on is the older tool than A/B testing.

Aug 1

Where to find images for your eCommerce site?

There is a popular saying in the eCommerce world. “A Picture is worth a thousand online sales”. Maybe it’s just a saying, but it certainly applies to your eCommerce business. Images, pictures, and photos, they are used on every website we find on the internet. Especially on eCommerce websites, they become the most important element.

Jun 28

Optimize your Product Pages with Heatmap tools

Can heatmaps be used for conversion rate optimization (CRO)? The way you strategize your conversion rate optimization techniques is the key to success and help the visitors convert. While tools like Google Analytics help digital marketers the what and why about the website and the way customers are behaving on the website. Well, that’s exactly

Jun 21

A/B testing for Mobile Website in 2018

In 2015 the mobile traffic, as visioned by the eCommerce experts became just as prevalent as desktop traffic. This is why we’ve been stressing upon the emphasis on the mobile responsiveness to the customers ever since then. In last few years, the amount of traffic coming from the smartphones or smaller devices like tablets has

May 17

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for 2018

It’s not enough to get just a lot of users on your webpage in 2018. Getting those users to actually convert into customer can mean the difference between business success and failure in this day and age. With so much competition online between new businesses both big and small, it’s no wonder why everyone is

Apr 25

Be on the Positive side: 5 A/B Testing Rules to Improve

If you take a better look at the eCommerce industry, you’d find two kinds of marketers – one would be those who happily A/B test their websites and the variables and those who live by their gut feeling and consider A/B testing a waste of time. Well, what’s worse is that the former are lesser