Dec 16

10 Mind Blowing Tips To Finally Nail Your Holiday Sales

10 Tips To Make Your Mark On This Holiday Season Sale | Mockingfish

Capitalize the business lead among your rival with an impressive holiday season sales.

Losing out product sales in a holiday season is an “unforgettable sin” for every online business entity as the damage is not just of the revenue but also in terms of the site traffic, customer engagement and brand popularity. Various online businesses provide attractive offers on their site to grab the immediate attention of their targeted customers for better conversions and product sales. If you have seen the sales drought on your online store irrespective of the past and current holiday sales offer. Here is a sense of relief for you as you can hit the jackpot now by adopting these 10 amazing tips on your eCommerce website.

1. Include a top- of- page banner that explains about your most recent offers-

Include A Top- Of- Page Banner That Explains About Your Most Recent Offers | Mockingfish

Place your most recent offers and deals on the top most place of your home page for creating awareness among customers.

Remember in a sales activity, “Awareness about an offer is the stepping stone towards a product sale”, so spread your amazing offers among your targeted customers well. You can showcase your wonderful offers, shopping deals, coupon codes, free shipping and other such facilities on your website for bringing more online customers towards your website. Moreover, information about “free shipping” will arouse the interest of your customers towards your site and will urge them to shop from your online store.

2. Provide the link of most sold, most searched or latest product additions on your home page- For getting more number of site traffic and customer attention, it is important to showcase most sold, most searched or latest additions in your product category on the home page itself. Once, your targeted customers can view the products in demand, they would be more interested in purchasing through your online store. Further, with a clear view of the available products on the home page, online shopping would become much easier and hassle free for the customers.

Provide the link of most sold, most searched or latest product additions on your home page | Mockingfish

Monitor your customer activity through a web analytics tool for placing the advertised product accordingly on the site.

Moreover, eCommerce businesses can avail the services of various web analytics tool like Mocking Fish for getting insight about the most active areas of their targeted customers for showcasing their products accordingly. But, if you are concerned about the cost and reliability of the tool, believe me you would not find a better alternative than this A/B testing and heat map tool known as Mocking Fish due to its simple user friendly dashboard design, simple installation and configuration, lifetime free account facility and other such features.

3. Provide a “no cost” or “most nominal” gift wrapping facility to your customers- Online stores need to provide free gift wrapping facility or at the very nominal price so that customers would love to shop for their near and dear ones. Moreover, this little act of charity can give a considerable boost to your product sales and site traffic. Further, include the gift message option in your gift wrapping facility for grabbing the instant attention of your targeted customers and to make them feel special. With this “out- of- the- box” facility, getting customers would be a cake walk experience for any online store and would substantially improve your eCommerce conversion rates.

4. Don’t hide the shipping delivery information from your customers- Customers like accurate product delivery information for getting fair idea about when will their ordered product arrive at their mentioned address. Inform your customers clearly about what is the probable delivery day and time of their ordered product. Also, reveal clearly about the additional charges that would come if the customer wants the urgent delivery on the next day or on the same day itself. It is most disheartening and frustrating for the customers if they can’t get their ordered product on the promised day.

5. Show your contact information effectively on the checkout page- Online shoppers are having numerous concerns while making the payment through the checkout page. They may have several doubts and apprehensions regarding the product availability, delivery services, payment methods and other such areas that can affect the seamless online shopping experience. For ensuring this, place your contact information at the most visible and relevant place on your checkout page for providing effortless guidance and assistance to your targeted customers. Further, offer them live chat service for providing instant real time access to the customer service representatives for faster resolution of your customer’s issues.

6. Improve the social reach and engagement of your store- Understanding the global impact and presence of the social media on the various businesses, it would be naive if you are not utilizing the global social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked in and others in the favor of your business. Promote your deals, offers and other shopping treats among your social media customers for grabbing their instant attention and for brand building exercise. With a strong customer bonding and interaction through social media marketing strategies, getting required sales would not be such a herculean task.

7. Ensure your product return policy is a painless experience- Returning or exchanging product is a common phenomenon for numerous online stores as people are not sometimes happy with the delivered product due to its quality, size and other such related parameters. In these crucial circumstances, it would be in the interest of customers if you can present your terms and conditions effectively and can make the product returning process a simple hassle- free experience. Don’t make your customers feel exhausted while trying to get their ordered products replaced or returned.

8. Make your site ready for various surfing devices-

Make your site ready for various surfing devices | Mockingfish

Allow customers to access your eCommerce website through multiple devices for better sales.

Customers arriving at an eCommerce store use multiple devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets for surfing a particular website. In order to achieve stupendous growth in terms of conversion rates and product sales, make your site accessible through all of these devices in a seamless manner. You need to make your site optimized for mobile devices by employing various techniques like mobile responsive design, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and other such approaches. Work towards making your mobile site more simplified, lighter in code, effective in search results and faster in site navigation for boosting your mobile sales activity.

9. Restrict your checkout process to only relevant and necessary fields- Online shoppers are in no mood to go over unnecessary checkout fields and formalities while making the payment for their ordered goods. But, most often, they are being harassed in the name of irrelevant social logins, online registration for newsletter, feedback surveys or any other non checkout related activities that makes the checkout experience as the worst nightmare. To reverse the situation, it is required to eliminate the checkout fields that are mostly ignored and are not in much usage. Further, make the registration process as optional and not as a mandatory part of the checkout process for facilitating a faster online shopping experience. Don’t include too many things between your customer and the seamless accessibility of the advertised product on your eCommerce store.

10. Add value to the shopping experience of your customers- Customers feel valued and privileged when they get something extra or “free of cost”. For grabbing the instant attention of your targeted customers, you need to offer them free gift cards, e- certificates, discount coupons and other such freebies. With a small concession in the form of few dollars, online stores can make a significant improvement in their product sales, conversion rates, site traffic and customer engagement. By adding value to the shopping experience of your targeted customers, you can persuade them to shop more from your online store.

It is time to channelize the power, potential and efforts of your online store in the right direction for getting maximum sales through this upcoming holiday sales event. Always keep in mind that “Sales is all about showcasing your product in the best possible way and making your advertised shopping offer as the most lucrative offer”. So, take your best foot forward for making the best out of this holiday season.