Jul 28

3 Easy Steps For A Captivating Product Descriptions

Although, there are numerous e- commerce websites coming every now and then but still only some of them are enjoying customer attention as well as increased sales revenue. We have always wondered what sets these e- commerce sites different from each other. Well, the secret has now been decoded. Attractive product descriptions and easy checkout process have emerged as the top contenders that have caused this huge rift among these e- commerce organizations in terms of sales revenue and customer traffic. But, now we can help you to bridge up this gap and can teach you how to create an engaging and sales boosting product descriptions for your e- commerce store.

  • Don’t go overboard with your descriptions but make them precise, relevant, targeting and highly informative- Sticking to the basics is the golden rule for creating an exciting product descriptions. Remember, that you are using product descriptions to grab the attention of your customers instantly. So, take the help of heat map based analysis to make your product descriptions precise, informative, customer oriented and relevant to your product reputation.
  • Include rating and reviews of your customers- To grab your customers attention and focus, you need to include customer ratings, feedbacks, testimonials and other social media data into your product descriptions to make it more genuine and realistic. These ratings and reviews make customer decision about purchasing the product more decisive and encourages them to finally make the payment. You can also analyze the behavior, response and interest of your customers about your advertised product through the use of heat map tools like Crazy Egg, Mocking Fish, Click Tale and such others.
  • Include beautiful and appealing images- “A picture can say a thousand words” and this stands very appropriate when it comes to images on the product descriptions. Use a high quality image of your product that can be zoomed easily without affecting its pixels and picture clarity. Further, you need to include 360 detailed view of your product so that customers can purchase your product based on a complete analysis of your product.

So, work towards incorporating all these elements into your product descriptions so that your product descriptions can really excite your customers. Influencing the mindset of the customers about your product is the first step towards making a product sales. Moreover, remember that if something entices the mind of the customers, it can easily compel them to make a purchase about that product.