Aug 10

3 Effective Tips To Beat Your E- Commerce Competitors

Tracking and analyzing the each and every move of your competitor is very important be it the scenario of battle field or the business environment. Successful business organization follow their rival business organization religiously and prepare their business strategy accordingly so as to excel in their particular business segment. If you can’t keep a track on your business rivals, you are sure to lose this hard fought battle to your competitors. Analysis of your rival website helps you know the possible design flaws and loopholes in your own website and helps in improving your customer traffic and conversion rates on your site. Here are the three approaches that can help you in providing a upper hand among your business rivals in your particular business field.

Pay attention to research by following various search engines, case studies and other such methods- Before preparing any business strategy, you need to have a solid information through extensive research works done on various search engines, case studies and other such mediums. Don’t just arrive to any conclusion in a hap- hazard manner but rather take your decisions based on the facts, statistical data and the expert opinions. Tools like click heat map can help in decoding the mindset and onsite behavior of your targeted customers and can thus contribute significantly in your business strategy formulation.

Visit your competitors website frequently- It is important to pay regular visit to your competitors website so as to analyze the various aspects like showcasing of new products, promotional strategies implemented by the organization, effective pricing steps introduced by them and other such crucial information. By having a close look on all these factors, you can easily formulate a more competitive business strategy for your e- commerce organization. You can also track the mouse click activity of your site visitors to analyze the website areas that are mostly visited by them and the products that they are looking for in your site through the help of various heat map tools like Crazy Egg, Mocking Fish, Mouse Flow and such others. With this information, you can easily redesign your website and can make necessary changes in your promotional activities.

Start working towards building a knowledge base for your organization- It is a good idea to have a written record of all the collected information so as to serve as a case study or reference material for the people involved in making policy decisions. This will also help in implementing necessary modifications in the business strategies so as to improve the conversion rates and customer traffic to a great extent. With the support of this knowledge base, subordinates can easily convince their superiors about making necessary changes by providing them required evidence in the form of case studies, expert research material or any other relevant study material.

So, start paying attention to your competitors website now and explore your chances of increased business growth. By focusing on your rival websites, you can easily add exciting elements in your website design and promotional activities so as to keep your customers engaged to your business organization for achieving bumper sales revenue.