Jun 17

3 Wonderful Tips for a Winning Checkout Page

For amassing good fortunes in an e- commerce business, it is important that your checkout page caters to the requirements and concerns of your online shoppers effectively. The whole process from making an initial order to the final payment should be a cakewalk for the new online shoppers who are not much aware about the nuances of this e- commerce platform. If you can simplify your checkout process from a multi- page process to a single page process, you can be assured of the surplus profits and sales from your e- commerce store. Follow these steps to make your checkout page highly productive for your e- commerce sales.

1. Simplified credit card entries- For the easy facilitation of the online payment, credit card information needs to be in simple format. There should not be multiple entry fields and customers should not be pressed for filling unnecessary details prior to their online payment. Further, you can select an easy checkout page by taking into account the A/B testing performance on various versions of the checkout page. You also need to provide multiple payment options so that customers can easily choose their desired payment method for making online purchase.

2. Use of the security and privacy seals- Privacy and security is the foremost concern of every individual who is involved in the process of online transactions. Also, the checkout page with recognized security seals like TRUSTe, Norton, McAfee and such others provide more confidence to online shoppers and helps in improving conversion rates. Further, you can perform A/B testing on various security and privacy seals so as to determine which one generates the maximum response from your online customers. By including these badges, you can easily improve the performance and usability of your e- commerce site.

Use of the security and privacy seals

3. Removal of hidden extra charges- Most of the online customers left the checkout process in the middle due to the implementation of the extra hidden charges that appear during the time of final payment. It is a serious issue and is a huge turn off for customers as these charges are not informed earlier during the whole purchasing process. To get a better understanding about its impact on your e-commerce store, you can perform A/B testing on pages with or without hidden charges and can analyze the drastic difference in conversion rates accordingly. By eliminating these unethical charges, you can easily improve the performance and sales of your e- commerce site.

Removal of hidden extra charges

Thus, make a note of all these points and include required changes and practices in your e- commerce business to reap huge benefits. These 3 tips will ensure that your customers are actually making their payment through the checkout page and is not abandoning the site in the middle. So, adopt these approaches in your e- commerce business and you can achieve unprecedented lead among your business rivals.