May 23

4 Tips for Making Your Mobile Website Stand Out

To win a decisive battle, it is essential to deliver the big blow at the right time so as to turn the whole course of the battle into your favor. Similarly, if you want to capitalize the mobile market, you need to clearly understand its nuances to make a big impact. It seems to be a daunting task considering the stiff competition in the mobile market, but, you can be a market leader if you can incorporate these tips in your mobile website.

  • Impressive website resolution for legibility- For increasing conversion rate, website should have an appearance that can be easily understood and read by anyone. The fonts, size of the text, image quality and pixel density should be optimum that does not affect the quality of the website on any mobile device. User should be able to read the displayed information correctly without zooming the text and this can be achieved if you perform the required mobile website optimization techniques.
  • Communication friendly- In order to win customer’s trust and loyalty towards your business organization, you should have a habit of communicating with your targeted customers. Numerous websites are using the global communication platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and others to stay connected with their customers. You can include social media services, telephone number, chat support and other such mediums in your mobile website to build rapport with your customers and promote your brand.
  • Simple form design and layout- Considering the space limitations in your mobile, your mobile form should have minimum required fields so that user don’t have to scroll down your form page repeatedly. This not only increases signups on your form but also increases the conversion rate for your website. Remember, minimizing hurdles is the key to success in mobile world.
  • Interactive, action oriented design- Always work towards creating a responsive, action oriented mobile website so as to engage your mobile users. You can use website development components like HTML5, Jquery, GIF or JPG image format for optimization of your website according to mobile and other related devices.Just focus on these key elements during your mobile website development and you can be assured of an appealing mobile friendly website. With this mobile friendly website, you can easily place your product and services among a large number of mobile users around the world. It is definitely an opportune moment to foray into this mobile world through your website and to make the most of the available opportunities there.