Sep 12

5 A/B Testing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

5 AB Testing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

The heatmap tool and A/B testing are some of the handy tools that can help find out the pitfalls for your eCommerce sites. This is, in fact, one of the most reliable ways to improve web pages, emails, and ads. However, the unfortunate truth is the fact that even these testing tools fail to provide the desired results. The reason being there are certain mistakes that fail to catch the attention of even the experts in the market.

The blog has compiled some of those mistakes that may effect your test goals. Check them out.

Testing without setting the goals

The very first thing that the tester needs to be clear about is the fact that the testing is not done to boost the conversions. Every test is aimed at comparing different variables of a single factor. Once the test is over, the results are compared and the better option is selected. The increase in conversion and revenue is the aftereffect of the changes that are done after the test is over. This is one mistake that even experts make at times. Hence, instead of saying yourself, “Let’s see what happens after testing A”, you should be asking, “Why am I testing and what is it that I want to see at the end of the test.”

Using too many variations

Using too many variations

There is a possibility that testing too many variables may one of the reasons for not coming to the desired conclusion. Testing too many things in one go will lead to making too many changes at once. Thus, it will become difficult to find out which aspect is reaping results and which is crippling the same. If you don’t find the bottleneck of your website design, you may miss out on a positive improvement. Too many variables may leave you wondering which changes improved or reduced the performance of your site. So, take one variable after the other. Test the radical changes to see the improvement. Be careful about testing too many variables too frequently. Making changes in the middle of the test You need to be patient while you launch a test.

Making changes in the middle of the test

You need to be patient while you launch a test. Making any changes in middle of the test will prevent your from reaching the desired results. Hence, do not change the experiment setting while the test is going on. In case you are doing it, then, the test goals should be altered accordingly. Changing the traffic allocation while the test is going on will also effect your results. This is because it alters the sampling of your website visitors. So, take one variable after the other. Test the radical changes to see the improvement. However, be careful about implementing all the necessary changes post-test.

Expecting huge results from small changes

Expecting huge results from small changes

When it comes to spotting the bottle of the eCommerce website even the smallest aspect matters. Hence, right from the banners to the call-to-action and contents, everything should come under the radar of the testing. The test goals and expectations should be defined according to the parameter that is being tested. Expecting phenomenon results from small changes are one of the mistakes that the eCommerce businesses make. At times, it is better to test radical changes to how the conversions have impacted. The final goal of seeing a long copy of sales after testing and implementing changes in all the factors may be big. But expecting a big win from minor changes is yet another mistake of the eCommerce marketers.

Using faulty tool

The ubiquity and popularity of the website testing tools have led to the introduction of a wide range of software in the market. Some of the tools are low cost and promise to offer the desired functionality. However, there are times when you fail to check the authenticity of the tool that you are using. Different tools offer different features and functionality. Hence, you need to choose the one that serves your purpose. Hence, the testers need to stay in touch with the progressions of the market. Understand the difference between the functionalities of the different tools and choose the apt solution for yourself.

Final say

A/B testing is one of the basic tools that help you find the aspects that are crippling your conversions. However, using it efficiently is the key to reap maximum result. Take care of the mistakes mentioned in the above points and find the best possible solution for your eCommerce site.


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