Oct 15

5 A/B Tests For Your Landing Page To Drive E- Commerce Conversions


As, a door is the entrance to a room or house so is the landing page to a website and both needs to be effective so as to attract visitors towards them. In an online business environment, if you are not having an effective landing page, you can’t expect your customers to spend a considerable amount of time on your website. But, often, landing page are not much alluring and engaging to grab the instant attention of your targeted customers and needs much improvement so as to make a positive impact. With an appealing, user friendly and faster loading landing page, e- commerce organizations can effortlessly improve their conversion rates to a great extent. Take a note of the following tips about e-commerce conversion rate with A/B testing that can improve the productivity and visual appeal of your landing page so as to change the business fortunes of your e- commerce organization.

Analyze the placement of forms on your landing page- The placement and position of the forms on a landing page play a crucial role in getting the required attention and sign ups from the targeted customers. So, perform A/B testing through web testing tools like Mocking Fish that are less in cost, more easy in implementation, has simple dashboard design with reliable results on the control and treatment page regarding the placement and position of the forms on your landing page so as to improve your conversion rates. Further, pay equal attention on the position of your form on above or below the fold and provide required directional idea about your form on the landing page so as to improve the customer engagement.

Test the proper alignment of your form labels- Labels are an important part of your forms and inform people about what is being asked in your form. So, they need to be properly aligned and positioned in your form so as to grab maximum visitor attention on your e- commerce site. Business organization can test their label position and alignment through A/B testing and can decide whether their labels need to be top aligned, left aligned or right aligned so as to achieve maximum customer attention and more sign ups. Further, do avoid the use of inline form fields as they cause clutter and congestion in website design thereby affecting their usability and performance in a website.

Make your CTA copy more customer friendly and focused to your visitors- Adding a personalized touch to your website elements make them more appealing and grab the immediate attention of your targeted customers. You need to make your CTA copy more alluring and focused to your customers so that they will be more than willing to complete your call- to- action (CTA) task. Further, if you want to analyze the effect of a personalized CTA copy on your conversion rate, you can perform the required split testing on CTA copies and can decide which one will be more beneficial and productive for your e- commerce website.

Pay attention to the privacy statement on your sign up forms- In this era where privacy, confidentality and integrity of the personal information is becoming a major cause of concern for online business community, you need to provide adequate assurance to your targeted customers that their personal details will be securely dealt and will not be revealed to anybody else. This type of customer commitment can make your customers more inclined to your e- commerce organization and will boost their confidence while signing up on your forms. Moreover, business organizations can include various security seals and privacy statement so as to achieve the trust and confidence of their targeted customers. With the support of the A/B testing data on sign up forms privacy, you can get a clear insight about how a slight assurance to your customers about the maintenance of privacy can affect your conversion rates and sign ups drastically.

Check the legitimate number of form fields- Always remember that you are having forms on your landing page for getting increased sign ups from your customers, so they need to be simplified and easy. E- commerce organizations need to eliminate various unnecessary fields from their forms so as to make sign up process faster and hassle free. Include only relevant and legitimate fields in your forms so as to speed up the whole sign up process. You can also perform split testing on the number of form fields so as to understand the effective importance of a shorter and simplified form for your business organization for higher conversion rates and visitor engagement.

In this competitive business environment, you can make a significant difference in the conversion rates of your landing page by performing these above A/B tests. These split tests will surely improve the visitor engagment and user experience on your landing page so as to make a stronger impact among your business rivals. So, follow this effective mantra of test, test and just test for a brilliant future of your e- commerce organization.