Dec 15

5 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Practices to vouch for in 2018

conversion rate optimization

You might be a business that has mastered the science of using CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) years ago and are aware of every aspect of the same, but are you evolving with the changes that the CRO system is constantly going through? Are you keeping yourself updated with the practices that are taking place?

It is essential for you to keep yourself updated with the newer and the more effective strategies of eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization. After all, these tactics are the ones that generate revenue for you at the end of the day.

Some time back we had talked about the CRO trends that came in to stay longer. Now’s the time when we say au revoir to the year 2017 and welcome 2018 in no time, there are some CRO practices that you should prepare yourself to witness.

A personalized shopping experience

shopping experience

A majority of shoppers go back to the online store that gives suggestions for products and services based on their purchase history. Why do you think Amazon and eBay top the list of best online stores every year? In the long run of standing out in the crowd, you might be struggling to make your place and shine among others. Your customers might like you and you might be happy with the experience that you’re providing them when they land at your store. But, is that enough?\

If you take a look at the study conducted by Accenture, you’ll find out:

  • 65% of the customers would go back to shop from stores that know their purchase history; and
  • 65% of the total would go back and shop from a store that provides them personalized offers.
  • If you indulge in the personalization of the shopping experience, customers will come back to you time and again because they know that you know them personally and also your choices.
  • Conversion is not only the benefit that you as an e-merchant gets, personalized experience also gives a better scope of visitor engagement. Depending on their geographical location, demographics and browsing history, you have the option to give personalized offers to them.

Get the shopper’s questions answered in no time

shopper’s questions

Another practice that you’d be seeing a lot in the coming year is the instant answers to the customer’s questions. People who shop online tend to do so because it’s convenient. They don’t want to waste their time traveling to the store when they can get what they need from the comfort of their homes. Don’t you leave a site when you don’t find your answers if you’re stuck? Likewise, your shoppers would also expect you to provide answers in no time so that they shop without any hassle. When you are unable to do the same, it adversely affects your conversions.

Live chats also called chatbots are the new thing (not literally) that are emerging as one way to satisfy the need of the customer at that very moment. Live chats were incorporated by the biggies to provide the customer support and now, every online store is trying to catch up with the trend. But, in the next year, you’d finally see the stores doing their best to stay there for the customers at 3 in the morning as well.

Implementation of User-Generated Content effectively

User-Generated Content effectively

Do you think credibility is an important aspect when it comes to bringing more visitors to your site and converting them? Yes, it is! You might do a lot to make visitors trust you and convert to be the customers, but that does not matter whether they’ll do as you want them to or not. User-Generated Content (UGC) is one way where you can make them believe you. UGC is the social proof of your claims that you make to the customers.

In the coming year, you would see user-generated content as an important aspect of websites optimizing. In addition to the usual method of displaying reviews and ratings, you could opt for more visual user-generated content. If you want your site to look more credible, you can display the photos or videos of your customers using your products. When you display photos submitted by your customers, the site looks more trustworthy.

Optimize your checkout page

Optimize your checkout page

One of the most crucial elements on your website is your checkout page that leads to generating revenues. It is that page which deciphers whether your visitor will convert to a customer in the form of sale. You might be thinking that when a visitor reaches to the last of the pages after landing onto a product page, adding it to the cart and finally comes to making the payment, he will definitely stay. However, that’s not true. Even after the entire procedure, your visitor might abandon the cart giving you lower conversion rate and higher abandoned carts.

If you take a look at the study done by Baymard Institute, the result stated that ecommerce merchants experience about 70% of abandon carts. This clearly shows that the website owners are not doing enough to make the experience seamless. There is something wrong with the display or they’re not working on the simplified checkout process or indulging in asking a lot of questions that irritate the visitor. Make sure you make the process as simple as possible for the visitor and give him a pleasing experience that lessens the chances of him bouncing back.

The use of machine learning to figure out website issues

website issues

The machine learning strategy is slowly picking its pace and giving a wider scope for the e-merchants to sneak in their conversion optimizing strategies. If you are to go by predictions, Zebra predicts that by the year 2021, machine learning will be at its best and used to immensely to personalize the customer experiences. Moreover, it will help the retailers to anticipate the forthcoming trends that are beneficial for the stores.


With these 5 best conversion rate optimization practices that are most awaited in 2018. With the information shared with you, you can plan your eCommerce SEO activities according to these to witness increased conversion and sales as well.


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