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5 Reasons Why Conversion Rates On Your Marketing Videos Are Sadistic

5 Reasons Why Conversion Rates On Your Marketing Videos Are Sadistic

Well, you are all set with your dearly produced marketing video. You got an idea, scripted it, filmed it, edited it, and uploaded on the YouTube. Now you want to sit back, relax and watch the video pouring the views as well as conversions for your business.

Sounds good, right?

But this is not what actually happens in the real world. Keeping all parts intact, I would like to bring the focus on the part when I said: “Sit back, relax, and watch the odd coming into your favor”. In the actual world, when I first created a well spent professional marketing video, I was shattered with the response.

Actually, there was no response at all. I thought it’s a great video, and carries a damn viral message in it. People are going to like it for sure. I was in dreams because no one was even watching it; conversions were far too away to think about.

What did I do wrong?

Would have been best if I knew back then. I did series of mistakes and those were the only reasons why my video was not being watched. That was the time when I decided to take video marketing damn seriously and identify my mistakes that kept the viewers away from it. Keep reading because I am certain that you might be making these mistakes too if you have not learned from your mistakes till now. So,

Why you have impressive videos but no views at all?

1. You should check your video length

Video length is quite a thing here. Many studies have been done which prove that human attention span is as low as eight seconds, so if your video is not able to grab that attention in the first eight seconds, it’s a big problem; bounce backs would be dearly common.

check your video length

Source: Visible Measures and Visible Measures

Moreover, almost 50% of the consumers prefer to watch the videos with length two minutes or less, in simple words, keep it short and engage the viewers. However, this does mean your video must have to have the most engaging part at the beginning itself. Come on, you can’t put the climax in the beginning until you are going to show a flashback.

It is just that you should make the first few seconds highly interesting so that you can persuade the viewer to stay put and watch the whole video.

2. Are you showing it to the right audience?

Target the audience

Here, we have two cases. First is when the video is accumulating views but you don’t see any ROI ( Conversion ) coming from it. Second is when your video is not even being watched.

Both the cases indicate a very common issue that content marketers face. The wrong audience.

Let say, everyone likes puppy videos, but what puppies have to do with your business here? Does your business have even a slight connection with the puppies or else you are making puppy videos just because everyone likes them? If so, you might get a great number of views on your video, but how would it help you give a conversion linked to your business?

When you are creating a business marketing video, the most important thing that you should care about is who your target audience is and what makes them happy. Keeping the entertainment factor intact, what else from your video is going to help the viewers? Because, entertainment is not a mere purpose here, you primarily want people to know how your products or services can solve their issues.

So, if you don’t even know whom should you market and what’s their issues, you cannot put your video among the right audience. If you want to include the puppy, it has to be relevant to your audience as well as your business.

3. Are you using the right channel?

using the right channel

When you think of watching online videos, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube. And that’s not wrong at all. In fact, one-third of Internet users use YouTube for watching videos.

Question is, is YouTube the only channel where people are watching videos? Is it the only place where you can find your target audience? If you think so, you are not only wrong but missing a very popular channel that has recently become a great pool of videos on the internet- Facebook.

Facebook is the most popular social media channel on the internet today. Moreover, at least 45% of people spend more than an hour of YouTube or Facebook. So, if you are ignoring this highly active platform and focusing only on YouTube in your video marketing, you are probably missing out a great chunk of views for your videos.

You must also understand that through multiple channels, you can even segment your target audience based on the type of audience each platform has the dominance of. For example, the population of youngest online demographics is more into YouTube for watching videos than on Facebook.

Therefore, it’s important to figure out where and in which segment your target audience is active so that you can have a control on what kind of videos you are going to make and for which segment of the audience.

4. The misleading title- Clickbait

misleading title

If you are even little associated with content marketing, you would have probably heard about the term clickbait. These are radically the misleading content titles that use attention grabbing words to get people to click and open the content, while the content does not even have anything relevant to do with what’s there in the title.

You must avoid using such misleading tricks in your marketing video. This might get you the view counts, but you will run into several problems here:

  1. You might get click on it, but an immediate bounce back is inevitable.
  2. You cannot expect an ROI from a misleading title.
  3. A misleading title will make your video itself misleading.
  4. You will hardly have an authenticity factor in your video.
  5. There are serious SEO penalties for using it. Facebook is taking special steps to remove
  6. Facebook is taking special steps to remove clickbaits from its feeds.
  7. You will have a lower ranking on SERPs.
  8. It will create a bad image for your brand.
  9. Users once falling for them will avoid all your videos in the future.

It’s not just about the clickbaits, if your video’s title is not relevant to your actual video content, it’s always going to fail. You might not use the clickbait, but, if your title is still not relevant, you won’t be able to reach the correct audience.

So, in addition to avoiding the clickbait tricks, it also important to optimize your title for relevant audience. This brings me to my next point

5. Are you optimizing your SEO?

It’s not just about using a clear, simple, precise and relevant video title, but there are many other things about your video listing that you should optimize necessarily.

Truth to be told, despite all other platforms are available, you will still be using YouTube as your primary channel. And that’s perfectly a correct decision. YouTube being the most popular video sharing platform, provides the most detailed opportunities for optimizing the SEO for your video listings on it. Here are few optimizing tips you should follow on YouTube:


Limit the video description to 1,000 characters. Put your most important part of the description in the first few lines itself, as YouTube shows about 100 characters only in the default view of description.


Using proper tags does not only help in UX optimization but also help you to get listed in different related video listings on YouTube. You should use relevant tags to help YouTube associate your video with other similar videos on it. Don’t use misleading tags to get more views- Google might not take it lightly.

Using proper tags does not only help in UX optimization but also help you to get listed in different related video listings on YouTube. You should use relevant tags to help YouTube associate your video with other similar videos on it. Don’t use misleading tags to get more views- Google might not take it lightly.


Category is yet another element that can help your videos get grouped with the similar videos on YouTube. You must choose a relevant category for your video to make it reach the right audience. Moreover, considering the popularity of the videos and creators in a category is also a wise approach, if it’s relevant to your content.

Over to you

Videos have become quite a definitive tool for marketing. They are engaging and deliver the message in a more understandable way. Even, almost every eCommerce conversion optimization expert will suggest you including a video on your product page.

However, it’s not just about converting your product pages but driving conversion for your whole business. Do not limit your videos on your website itself, share them on different channels and do not commit at least these five mistakes. I am certain your video marketing will prosper, and you will drive fine conversions from them.


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