Jul 17

5 Secrets To A Compelling Brand Story Telling

To stand in this competitive business world, it is important to tell your brand story effectively among your targeted customers. It is essential to sway the minds of your online buyers towards your advertised product through a compelling and attractive story telling about your brand and company. The success of global brands like Apple Inc., BMW, Rolls Royce, Microsoft Corporation and other such organizations are based on the effective story telling about their respective brand. Involve people with the various activity of your business organization like suggesting promotional slogans for your product campaign, effective logo designing of your advertised product, writing product reviews about your advertised product and such other events to increase the global appeal and popularity of your organization. Here are some of the effective approaches that can help in conveying an effective story telling among your targeted customers.

  • Pay emphasis on a narrative style- In order to connect with your customers, it is important to include various necessary events in your narrative version of story telling. Make people aware about the starting of your corporate journey, major breakthroughs and achievements during the process of technological evolution, areas of diverse interest, awards and recognitions conferred on the organization and other crucial information related to your business entity. All this will form an effective story telling which is sure to entice your customers towards your business organization.
  • Find appropriate reason for writing- Never start your story telling just for the sake of following the trend that other business organizations are doing. Engage with the story telling of your brand only when you have something interesting and engaging to offer your targeted customers. To improve your writing, you can check the mouse click movement of users on various rival business organizations through click movement based heat map.
  • Regulate the voice and pitch of your story telling activity- It is important to maintain an even tone and pitch through the entire exercise of story telling. Be engaging and interactive with your targeted customers, but remember to follow the corporate etiquettes and guidelines involved in the story telling. Follow a middle path between casual and formal communication so as to place your point effectively among your audience.
  • Remain authentic and simple about your story telling- An effective story telling will be able to convert site visitors into potential customers only if your story tellingĀ  is grounded and linked to reality by your targeted customers. Further, you can trace the user click behavior of customers on other rival websites so as to check what makes the customers stick to a particular website.
  • Elaborate your story- Once you have commanded the interest and attention of your targeted customers, you need to keep the momentum steady and intact. Analyze what keep customers hooked to your brand and story telling and what else do they want you to convey about your brand based on the mouse movement and behavior of the site visitors. Based on the detailed results of the heat map, you need to make changes in your narration and story telling accordingly.

So, embark in this long journey of story telling about your brand and company to achieve considerable gains in your business efforts. Replicate the successful story telling models of various organizations to create a loyal army of customers for your business organization. Remember trust and loyalty of customers is the biggest asset for your business organization and can take your organization to newer heights.