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5 simple tips to optimize the user experience of eCommerce customers

5 simple tips to optimize the user experience of eCommerce customers | MockingFish

User experience needs to be the foremost priority for every online store that is thinking about making a quick business overhaul with their conversion rates and sales. It is important to offer your customers a unique online shopping experience that can encourage them to return to an online store again and again. Every online shopper would love to make a purchase from an eCommerce store if it can offer them something extraordinary. You can’t expect to have a tremendous impact on your online store if it is unable to offer an out-of-the-box user experience to your customers.

There are numerous eCommerce players in any particular business segment and this makes it difficult to earn more conversions for any site. If you are thinking out ways to enhance the user experience of your targeted customers, here are the quick tips for you. These valuable inputs can help in optimizing the performance of conversion rate optimization practices for any eCommerce store.

Don’t forget to improve the in-store experience for your customers-

5 simple tips to optimize the user experience of eCommerce customers | MockingFish

Any visitor coming onto your eCommerce store decides about spending time on your website based on the user experience and navigation provided. You would not want your site visitors to keep scratching their head while making an online purchase through your eCommerce store. In order to accomplish this critical task, it is important to improve the in-store experience for your targeted customers. Site owners can take the help of A/B testing tool to improve the design, customer engagement and conversion rates of their eCommerce store. You can A/B test a wide range of site elements such as registration forms, headlines, banner ads, product images, subscription form, CTA buttons and other components on your eCommerce site for optimum business results.

Explore the omnichannel facility for your online store-

5 simple tips to optimize the user experience of eCommerce customers 3 | MockingFish

In an online business environment, it is important to offer a seamless shopping experience to customers through online or offline purchasing mediums. It is a mechanism where site owners offer a wide range of options to access and purchase online from a website. These omnichannel make customer engagement more simplified and easier which helps in increasing the conversion rate optimization efforts. Furthermore, it makes the product accessibility much easier for customers and boosts the chances of higher conversion rates and product sales.

Find new ways to gather customer data through technology-

5 simple tips to optimize the user experience of eCommerce customers 4 | MockingFish

In this age of cut-throat competition and fluctuating customer behavior, it is important to have a huge pile up of customer data. This accumulation of customer-specific data can provide critical insight into the customer purchasing behavior, choice/interest of customers, reasons of customers for leaving a site and other such useful data. All this detailed information can be easily accessed through a feature packed heatmap tool that can effortlessly track down each and every visitor activity on your website. These heatmap tools consist of other features like click heatmap, scroll heatmap, mouse movement heatmap and other such facilities for a complete site analysis. Besides these web analytics tools, you could take the help of customer survey feedback tools, eye tracking tools and other such customer analysis tools.

Focusing on a particular business segment for a rare user experience- Sometimes, focusing on a host of multiple things makes your online store lose the plot because you end up being ordinary. It is important to know your niche customer segment and promote your online store accordingly. Don’t try to be a master of every other business segment but just stick to one area and exploit your business chances over there. There are various eCommerce sites like Oak Street, Hunter’s Wine Shop, Spyder, Discover Sony Store and others that are having specialization in their respective business areas. So, know the actual strength of your eCommerce store to make the best in your business domain. This will in turn help in improving the chances of conversion rates and sales for your online store.

Put more stress on mobile devices for purchasing activities-

5 simple tips to optimize the user experience of eCommerce customers 5 | MockingFish

Gone are the days when people used to make the purchase through physical brick and mortar store. However, with the emergence of fast broadband services and affordable mobile device services, people are searching online through these mobile devices only. If you want to bring your purchasing activity to far off places without any need for inventory management, mobile devices are the best bet in this regard. E-Commerce sites are taking the initiative to create engaging mobile apps through eCommerce mobile app extensions for their eCommerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and such others. So, start looking for any mobile app development company to develop the engaging mobile apps for your online store.

Final words

The user experience of an eCommerce store is a key element that can help in building higher site traffic, conversion rate optimization efforts, customer engagement and product sales. If you can’t make your visitor wait on your online store, it will certainly affect the site conversions and sales in a big way. So, get your customer involved and you can witness the change in your online business activity.


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