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5 tips for “Wow Product descriptions” for your eCommerce store

5 tips for “Wow Product descriptions” for your eCommerce store | MockingFish

It is no surprise that “Great sales are supported by appealing product descriptions” that can grab the instant customer attention and conversions for any eCommerce store. You need to build the interest around your products first through your descriptions in order to stay ahead of your rivals. Product descriptions can be the game changer for your eCommerce store if it is engaging for your targeted customers.

For those unfortunate store owners who don’t have the support of an appealing product description, here is the solution for them. By practicing few writing tips, it would not be much difficult for you to achieve a compelling product description for higher eCommerce conversion rate optimization. Here is the step by step guide for writing that “wow descriptions”.

Keep your focus on single thing at a time-

5 tips for “Wow Product descriptions” for your eCommerce store | MockingFish


Before writing the product description, it is important to understand first what is going to be targeted by you. It can be features of your product, steps regarding how to use it, the manufacturing process for the product or other such useful information that can get instant customer attention.

Start with a single information about your product and explain it in the most engaging manner without losing the command. Don’t confuse your customers by talking irrelevantly about the displayed product to maintain their curiosity around your product.

Convey product benefit through your description- Online shoppers will purchase a product only if they are informed about its benefits. In order to maintain the sync with your targeted customers, show why they need to have that featured product. This is an important step in the product marketing and promotion as people will invest their money on useful products only.

Make people realize what is so special about your featured product and why they need to purchase it without any second thought. Here are the three set of questions that need to be explained to your targeted customers for grabbing higher eCommerce conversion rate optimization.

5 tips for “Wow Product descriptions” for your eCommerce store | MockingFish

Include your call-to-action in product description-

5 tips for “Wow Product descriptions” for your eCommerce store | MockingFish


A product description would be half baked only if it can’t convince your targeted customers to browse your featured product and eCommerce store. This critical task can be accomplished only if you are having an eye-grabbing CTA statement along with the product description.

Buyers are automatically attracted towards specific phrases like “Last chance to grab this offer”, “Limited stock”, “Offer valid till”, “Mega sales offer”, “Discount available up to” “Buy One, Get One Free” and other statements that urge people for making a quick product purchase.

Talk precisely but sensibly- You need to write your product description in a tone that is not too pushy but is still compelling for the online buyers. Remember that “Excess of everything is bad”, so keep the tone of your sales pitch a little lower. It will be a sane idea to use a marketing tone that is promotional but not over the top “self-admiration” one.

Here are the key points that can guide properly in the creation of a powerful and engrossing product descriptions.

Keep your product description informative and crisp in nature. Add a detailed product image for your product. Remove ambiguous words or phrases from your product description. Use style formatting options such as bullets and numbering for better readability.

Perform a detailed grammar, authenticity, and semantic check-

5 tips for “Wow Product descriptions” for your eCommerce store | MockingFish


Product descriptions need to be free from grammatical and semantic errors in order to keep customers engaged to your online store. You need to proof read your description for avoiding any possibility of error chances. Apart from this, content developers can take the help of free grammar and spell check tools like Grammarly.com that provide enhanced content editing services.

Don’t just ignore the authenticity aspect of your content as a copied content invites the wrath of search engines and affects the online visibility of a content. Spiders have become much smarter due to numerous algorithms and penalize the sites that do not offer unique content as product descriptions.


Product descriptions are not just part of formality in an eCommerce site, its diverse impact can be seen in the field of search engines, sales and customer engagement. It is better to improve the product descriptions than to witness the sharp decline in your eCommerce conversion rate optimization efforts, sales and customer traffic. Go for the right steps now so as to avoid the failure of your eCommerce store.


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