Mar 29

5 Tips to Kickstart your Mobile Commerce

5 Tips to kickstart your Mobile Commerce | Mockingfish

Mobile phones have become omnipresent and omnipotent due to the low cost development of hardware devices and availability of open source mobile operating system like Android that can be easily modified. They have become an integral part of our day- to- day life and has influenced the personal and professional lives to a great extent. There has a dramatic improvements in the use and services of mobiles and they have come a long way from the basic functionality of talking and messaging. With the emergence of powerful mobile processors, increased storage space and high resolution display screen, mobile phones are increasingly used to drive business fortune and growth. Mobile Commerce has shown a new way of doing business and appears to be promising given the wide reach and availability of mobile devices all around the world. In order to tap the huge potential and opportunities in the world of Mobile Commerce, you need to pay attention towards all these checkpoints for a brilliant future ahead.

1. Improve the loading time of your eCommerce sites-

Improve the loading time of your eCommerce sites | Mockingfish

Loading time affects customer engagement and product sales on an online store.

Shoppers are always impatient and are eager to make a quick purchase without spending too much of their time from their busy lifestyles. Similar is the case with mobile shoppers. But, this is possible only when your mobile eCommerce site can load quickly and can provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Design your site in such a way that it can load quickly on mobile devices with minimum hardware and software requirements. Apart from this, you need to restrict your loading time between 2- 3 seconds to keep your visitors engaged by taking the expertise of various heat map tools like Mocking Fish. It can provide a clear insight about the weak and engagement areas of your site for improving overall loading time of your site.

2. Better mobile checkout experience-

Better mobile checkout experience | Mockingfish

Simplify your mobile checkout for higher product sales and conversion rates.

Mobile checkout is the foremost priority and concern for any mobile shoppers as they have a limited screen space and size unlike the desktop or laptop screen. Keeping in mind this space restriction and typing limitations, it is the need of the hour to keep your checkout process for your mobile site easier and concised. You need to use an appropriate size, font and color for your site elements like call- to- action buttons, checkout forms and other such components for a quick product purchase. You need to include techniques like predictive searching, auto fill, optional fields for ensuring a seamless checkout experience and conversion rates for your eCommerce site.

3. Make effective use of scrolling on category pages-

Make effective use of scrolling on category pages | Mockingfish

Seamless mobile scrolling enhances shopping experience for customers.

Mobile shoppers like to browse multiple products and product categories before finally making a product purchase. However, product arrangement and display is a crucial task in case of mobile devices due to the limited screen space and real estate of mobile site. To overcome this problem, you need to implement effective scrolling on your category pages for providing a quick insight about various available products. This is one of the most effective design layout for mobile sites as they don’t have to wait for pages to load one by one and thereby improves the loading time. Moreover, scrolling layout can help in better shopping experience as mobile shoppers can easily swipe through all the available products and categories on an eCommerce site. You can seamlessly track the movement of your site visitors through heat map tools like Mocking Fish that consists of scroll heat map services for effective usability of site elements for maximum customer attention.

4. Incorporating mobile friendly video and images-

Incorporating mobile friendly video and images | Mockingfish

Mobile videos helps in grabbing instant customer attention for better conversions

Informative videos and images are most effective in grabbing the instant customer attention for better sales and conversion rates. These short 1 or 2 minute videos can explain customers in a better way regarding your available services and products. However, you need to ensure that your videos and images are optimized properly and are not affecting the loading time of your mobile site. You can include short videos that can express about the working of your product, safety and precautions that need to be taken while using your product, general overview and description regarding the product for better customer attention and engagement. With appealing video and images, you can seamlessly make your mobile site stand apart from your business rivals.

5. Invest your time and money in the mobile marketing efforts-

Invest your time and money in the mobile marketing efforts | Mockingfish

Mobile marketing helps in boosting the performance of your mobile eCommerce company.

Every business entity needs the effective support of marketing and promotional strategies to find their niche place among their business competitors. Similarly, mobile commerce needs the assistance of mobile marketing campaigns for improving your business fortunes in the field of mobile business. You can exploit mobile marketing mediums like banner advertisements, native ads and mobile video ads for spreading the positive word about your eCommerce site. Apart from this, you can use the services of wonderful heat map tools that can provide a detailed information about your site visitors in terms of device used, browsing behavior, window size, customer interest, click time, type of browser used and other such data for better shopping experience.

If you have finally made up your mind to test your luck in the field of mobile commerce, it is important to pay attention towards these key points to make your venture into this unknown territory as the most successful one in terms of conversion rates and product sales. Once, you are aware about the possible loopholes into your mobile commerce strategies, you can seamlessly make it big among your rivals.