Oct 13

5 Ways Scroll Heatmap Helps you Identify the Customer’s Behavior

Identify the Customer's Behavior

The overall success of a website is determined by it’s contents to a very large extend. Meanwhile, one of the other factor which acts as a supporting feature would be the customer’s enrollment with those contents. A website admin must know about the performance of the website. It enables the admin to make better edits to the existing features. The website’s designs and the contents included should be molded in accordance to the visitor’s behavior from time-to-time. One of the biggest factors for improving the website performance is to keep it up-to-date as per the visitor’s browsing behavior.

Most of the time, it is difficult to read the customer’s mind. Hence, the admin needs better methods and approach to get to know their customers better. Website heatmaping is an approach which could provide this much-needed information to improve the overall performance of the website. It would help the admin to identify the pitfalls of the website and at the same time can help the store admin to provide better features which would enhance the user experience. Thus, this approach would prove a win-win situation for both the site moderators and visitors.

One of the better ways to get complete analysis of the website performance can be made by using Scroll Heatmap tool. The tool provides an insight to the admin about the scroll behavior of the visitors. The admin gets to know about the visitor’s stay on the various web page. The Scroll Heatmap tool provides a brief summary of the visitor’s engagement to the website. The secret to a better traffic lies within and if the website is maintained in accordance to the visitors engagement, it is sure to grow more and better.

Let us discuss some features provided by Scroll Heatmap to identify the customer’s behavior on the website.

1. User engagement analysis

Customer Engagement

One of the USPs of any website is the contents it showcases, especially in the current era of content marketing. Most of the time, the engagement of a user with the site content depends upon how these contents are presented. It may be possible that the placement of some of the contents and call-to-action on the website are done in such a way that it is not grabbing the attention of the visitors. It is said that the most of the visitors do not scroll the web page, hence, the CTAs should be placed on the first part of the pages itself. Any important content placed at the lower part of the website may fail to grab the attention.

2. Enhance website interaction

The stay of a visitor in a website highly depends upon the interaction of the site content with user. Thus, the Scroll Heatmap tool is perfect for content marketing. It can easily analyze the part of the website where the user stayed more and he part which was least visited. It gives a brief information about the website content visibility to the admin. The admin can get to know the scroll behavior of the visitors. Which can then be used to improve the areas where visitors showed least concern and improve them by defining new possibilities for those areas. The better customer interaction ensures better conversions from the site.

3. Under performing parts of the site

Under Performing Site

In order to enhance the performance of the website, the portion which is performing well and the ones that are not performing well needs to be analyzed. The admin needs to know the strong as well as weak performing aspects of the website. The Scroll Heatmap tool provides a brief details about the areas in the website where the customer interaction is most or least. In case the result shows that the customers are not scrolling the web page after a certain limit, then, there is a possibility that something is wrong with it. Thus, it can give you a better idea about website improvisation. The advanced statistical report generated by the Heatmap tool enables the admin to get a better understanding of the areas which are under performing. As per the report if the engagement of visitors on a particular area is least then the admin need to edit the portion and get some better engaging content, which are capable of catching customer’s attention.

The website must be designed in a way that every portion must have an equal proportion of the visitor’s engagement. If the website is lagging at certain areas than it becomes a sole responsibility of the admin to detect the flaws in those portions and replace them with something better. It helps in making website a much completed version of the visitor’s demand. Meanwhile, the better performing areas can be boosted with better options and provided to the visitors such that it helps inn making website look better and more interactive.

4. Content Distribution

Content Distribution | Content Marketing

A good website will have an even distribution of content throughout the page. If due to some reason the content distribution is uneven and the customers are not able to connect well, it affects the performance of the website directly. Thus, it becomes important to maintain the website with equal proportion of the content in order to get better results. The Scroll Heatmap tool helps the admin in distributing the content on the website. The visitors are more likely to scroll down a page if they don’t find anything productive on that particular portion of the page.

So, the report generated by Heatmap tool helps the admin in identifying those portions. The admin can take a look at the areas and based on the interaction level decide if he wants the customer to stay in this area for some time or want to get something else to get better engagement from the visitors. Moreover, if a website is biased and provided with contents at some places and blank at others, it creates an overall bad image for the website performance. The visitor may engage with the website for a while but the chances of them making any significant contribution to the conversions rate may be considerably small.

5. User friendly site navigation

User Friendly | Site Navigation

One of the primary concern for a website admin would be to maintain the website such that it offers user friendly navigation throughout. The visitors would generally ignore the content which are not visible to them. Suppose the interaction of the user to Free Home Delivery area is way too low then there is a rising concern for the website admin. In this case, the problem needs to be identified whether the visitors find it difficult to navigate on that part of the website or the content itself is not attention seeking. The can help by providing the brief information about it by producing results whether the visitors don’t tend to stay in that portion or if they stay but don’t interact much with those options. Thus, if you are looking to bring the customers to the conversion funnel, then, scroll heat map is the tool for you.

The admin can act accordingly the navigation by the visitors. A better and user friendly navigation by the users is the key to get better response from the website and makes the website more capable of producing effective results. The visitors would like to browse through the interactive areas of the website rather than content which don’t fit their concern. Hence, website Heatmap enables the admin by providing information about which contents needs editing/removal and what needs to be added to make the website more user friendly.

6. Integration


The primary aim for designing a website is getting better response and traffic. Thus, the admin must be aware of the visitor’s activity in the website. Considering a situation where the visitors didn’t pay attention to a particular portion of the website which was most likely to generate redirection to the web store contents or any other products. In this case the main focus of the admin shifts towards developing the particular portion such that the visitors can get to take a look at the better and required area of the website.

The engagement of the user can be improved by studying the data obtained by this handy tool. Therefore, in future if the admin feels like integrating any social media plugin or any web store link to the website, it can be done accordingly. The Heatmap tool prove to be a beneficial aspect for the website admin and at the same time better for getting required traffic on the integrated stores.


The Scroll Heatmap tools are one of the best and efficient way to provide the visitor’s statistics and data in a very descriptive form. In the meantime, the admin gets better insight of the website functioning and if they think any of the function is lagging in the web store then it can be incorporated and made to get better visitor’s attention. Either way the Heatmap tools are very effective in providing better web traffic by eliminating the factor of low engagement for the visitors and trying to make the most possible out of the website. So, use the result wisely in order to boost the website’s conversions.


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