Nov 8

5 Ways to Optimize your Website for Better Conversion

Better Conversion

The conversion rate delivered by any website basically depends upon the effectiveness delivered by multiple aspects working together. If we give a good look towards the factors than we can see that optimization may be one of the best way in order to make sure that the website is performing well and at the same time the output delivered by the website is as expected. Though, the process of optimization may seems a bit easy but it is not a child’s play. One needs to be quite careful while taking care of the multiple features in the website.

It can be said that optimizing the website is much of a strategic approach. The proper study of the customers along with the right use of various elements is a must have criteria. In order to get a better understanding about how des conversion process flow using optimization we need to learn the fact that it all starts with the click of the customers on the CTA’s. This is where all the process begins and the website needs to work their way through this process and figure out what they need to do in order to make best conversions out of the generated leads.

There are multiple ways in which the website can be optimize but the owner must make wise decisions in order to make sure which part of the website does they need to optimize in order to get best conversions. There are plenty of options available to check the growth of the website and implement the changes in the website depending upon the result obtained.

In order to be able to optimize the website and get better conversions, here are various ways.

1. The lead generation

Lead Generation

The important step involved in the conversion process is the lead generation. The website must be provided with best lead generating parameters so that the inflow of the customers to the website is maximum. In order to do so, the website must take a closer look at the aspects which generate leads. For instance, the website must be fulfilled with the best options. If the website has two landing pages, out of which 1 has a conversion rate of 1 % and the other has a conversion of 10% than it is important to learn the factors which lead to the lower conversion rate of the low yielding landing page. This can be done by comparing it with other landing page and making sure that it is not lagging in any physical aspect that the customers are not able to relate them with.

2. Steps involved in conversion path

conversion path

The website must involve themselves in the overall conversion path of the customers. Right from the moment where the customers click on the landing pages, the website must follow them till they end up making a successful purchase. If in between the customers fails to flow the path and opts to exit out of the website than the website owners must check for all the possible ways why the customers would have exit from the store. In this efforts they can use the A/B Testing method, which may help them to get a clear picture of the opinions hold by the customers at any point. The A/B testing method helps the website to get a better analysis. They can reduce the exit rate by providing the best and desired features to the customers. The A/B testing is an effective form of providing the customers with the required features. It will surely help in replenishing a good amount of the customers who would have otherwise exit the store.

3. Call to actions

Call to actions

The CTA’s are one of the most important aspect in generating leads which ultimately result in conversions. The website must work collectively towards the better performance of the CTA’s. In order to be sure about the better performance of the CTA’s the website can use the Heat map tool. These tools helps the website to see the effectiveness of the CTA’s by running an overall analysis on customer’s behavior on the website. The Heatmap tools can be used in multiple forms and they provide the website owner with complete information about the performing and underperforming aspects of the website. The owners can anytime implement the changes and make the CTA’s effective.

4. Testing


Testing is the key to building a better base for the better conversion. The website needs to keep testing the different aspects such that they don’t miss put an opportunity on connecting with the customers. One of the best way to test the website would be A/B testing elements. The test provides results based upon the customers preferences. It helps the website to reach to that ideal spot where the customers can easily relate them with the contents and follow the path to a successful conversion. The testing can bring about some effective results and also provide the website owner with some quality information about the website expectation and the quality delivered by the customer’s reactions.

5. Follow the leads

Follow the leads

The important thing that the website needs to make sure is that they don’t lose the lead. If a customer shows an interest in the website and follows your customers. IT has been seen that the companies that nurture their leads are more likely to create a better conversion about 50% than the companies that don’t. Therefore the website needs to contact the customers and connect with them through Emails so that they don’t lose the track of the website and at the same time the website may also get a successful conversion from the customers.

Over to You

The website must be optimize in order to get better conversions. Therefore, efforts must be made in the direction to optimize each and every aspect of the website so that every customer can be caught up and provided with best features on the website for successful conversions. The process of conversions is a bit long and the website needs to follow the customers for better results.


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