Nov 13

6 Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes that you Need to Get Over

Conversion Rate Optimization

Driving quality traffic and converting them into paying customers is the ultimate goal of every eCommerce site. The idea of providing the visitors with complete experience may be a tricky deal, but working on various details might help in making this process a simple one. Taking careful steps for the conversion rate optimization is something that every store owners need to be mindful of. Though, the online shopping sites may be working on different aspects to provide the best, but there are certain areas where the online stores need to work to attract better customer base.

The conversion rate of 2-5% is a good number for the store owners. It shows that the efforts are being made in the right direction. It encourages the websites to provide more and better to the users. It is important to find the right techniques and strategies to connect with the customers but at the same time if the websites work on the current conversion optimization mistakes than the rate of conversions can be improved significantly. There are many areas that needs to be optimized for improving the output delivered by the online store.

Let us discuss some of the mistakes that are being made by the eCommerce websites and working on those features will surely boom their sales and improve the results obtained.

1. Not concerned about customer’s preferences

customer’s preferences

Change is the basic principle upon which the elements of the online website are based. The owner needs to re-design the different elements in the website to best match the visitor’s requirement. Majority of the online store miss out on this point and it drags the customers away from the store. Therefore, the eCommerce site should make sure they are presenting the products and their services as the buyers would like. In order to do so various approaches can be used as A/B testing where the web store can use multiple variant and pick the best based upon the response of the users.

2. Less focus on landing pages

landing pages

Landing pages are the doorway to conversions. This point must be kept in mind and special concern must be provided to the landing pages. Landing pages allows the online stress to target the focus of the customers to a single product. These pages have all the keywords, relevant images and product description which can help in improving the rank of the store in Google searches. Proper heatmap analysis can help you check the set backs of your website’s landing page. Meanwhile, the users activity can be tracked using these ages and they can be made to make a purchase on products using their related search.

3. Product images lack clarity

Product images

he availability of a product in the eCommerce site and providing clarity about the same to the customers are two different things. There are times when the customers do not order the products as they are not convinced with their presentation. In order to engage customers to give a better look to the products and make a purchase, it must be highlighted with informative content, images and videos. Finding the right images for the eCommerce site is the key to success. The online stores can make use of better quality images with high resolution such that the product can be easily featured on the store and the buyers can get a good idea. The options of zooming in and out of images with multiple angles helps in making sure that the product fits the concern of the buyer. These features motivate the customers to make a purchase.

4. Web store responds very slow

Web store responds

One thing that annoys the first time users and the buyer about the website is the slow loading. The customer interaction lowers with every delayed second in the web store. Almost 47% of the users expect the website to load within 2 second of the input. If the website fails to respond to this timing than the customers prefer to exit the store and search for some other place. Thus, making sure the website is optimized properly and the evaluation of the website performance is done timely is the way to get better conversions. The web stores can compress the sizes of the images without reducing their quality. Minimize your CSS/JS and HTML files. Enable caching with advanced caching system and use a CDN to boost performance.

5. Lack of effective search options

effective search options

The eCommerce websites predictive search engine is a starter to encourage the customers to engage them with the store. It has been found that the users who make use of the search feature inside the online stress are two times more likely to make a sale from the website. Thus, predictive search feature must make use of populated keywords such that the buyers can be re directed to the desired product without having to invest their time and efforts. The stores can also make use of the cross selling in the product description which helps in relating better. Making the search results smarter for your customers can help boost the user engagement. The auto correct feature in the search bar can be used to guide the users to the right products.

6. Absence of any support

Absence of support

Assists the customers when they need. One of the reason that the customers are detached away from the eCommerce sites is due to the lack of the concern shown by the authorities in responding to them with their problems. In order to have a better customer interaction and fulfill the customers with all the required information a support feature must be included in the online store. The inclusion of live chat feature is also catching the customer’s attention. They would like to get assisted with their purchase in real time. This helps them to make easy purchase and clear their thoughts on products.

Over to You

The web store can be made a better place by just improving the existing features. These features can be optimized timely and provided to the buyers in better shape. The investment in this process is little but the results are quite fruitful for the web store owners. It is important to understand that the customers have expectation and it’s the duty of the eCommerce websites to fulfill them.


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