Oct 27

6 Reasons A/B Testing is a must for the eCommerce Sites

AB Testing

The growth of any website is directly depends upon the number of conversions made by the website. The conversions rate may be set as a benchmark for the success of the owner. Therefore, the website owner is always in the constant need to learn better approaches in order to make successful sales from the website by the visitors. The introduction of new feature is always a gamble for the website.

In order to be more effective, website may use the A/B Testing tool approach. It is a better approach where the website uses the different variants of a single approach and tests them efficiently. In this approach, the variant generating better results is selected.

A/B Testing is a helpful approach and one of the powerful tool in making the eCommerce site an efficient tool for conversion. The main features which define a website and its understanding to the customers can be utilized by carrying out a detailed analysis on the customers. The opinion of the majority of the customer is given the priority and at the end the website is equipped with the feature that suits the website more as per the customer’s requirement. After all, the customers are the ones who are responsible in improving the conversion rate of the website.

Some of the reasons which prove A/B testing is a must for the eCommerce site can be listed below-:

1. Control Rate Optimization

Control Rate Optimization | A/B testting

One of the most important requirement for any website is the Rate Optimization. As, the competition in the market is increasing, hence an immediate need of the approaches corresponding to the visitors behavior are required to include in the website. The website can always use the A/B Testing method to improve the rate of conversions of the website. The overall pattern of the customer’s reaction and response towards different aspects and with that data the services can be efficiently improved.

2. Website design

Website design

The design of the website is the first thing that the visitors give a look. If the website design is not able to influence the visitors then there are very high chances of the customer getting upset about the website and they may not even make a purchase. In this case, split testing helps the website owner to select the suitable design and present them in front of the visitors. It helps in reducing the risk factor involved with the failure of the design, as launching it directly in front of the live customers.

3. Better marketing strategies

Better marketing strategies

The promotion of the website is one of the key factor which determines its success. Most of the time, the website needs to promote their products by following suitable approaches and making offers to the customers that will help them to reach out to the product and make a purchase. But in order to know the exact strategy to reach out in the market and grab the attention of the customers is quite difficult. The website needs to know the general approach of the customers towards the product and how to present them. In this regard A/B testing gives brief idea to the website winners about the general perspective of the customers.

4. Customer’s behavior

Customer’s behavior

The behavior of a customer in the website is highly dependent upon the level of interaction that the website in able to establish with the customer. The lower the interaction, less are the chances of customer retention and it will result in losing a potential buyer. Thus, the website needs to have proper fraction of the interactive content on the website, in order to keep the customer engaged. The A/B testing can be used here, where the website can be made to use various alternatives of providing better features for the customer. The reaction of the visitors can be noticed and on that behalf the services can be provided.

5. Confirms the hypothesis

Confirms the hypothesis

The website are always in the lookout for better opportunities in order to reach out to the customers in best of the shape. To do say various tools such as Heat map tool, survey, eye tracking are used by the website, to get effective results but the major problem arises o How do check the feasibility of these processes. Therefore, the website can always use the A/B testing approach to live test the results. The effectiveness of the results can be made sure and the website can effectively use those results in order to get better conversions.

6. Controlled CTA’s

Controlled CTA’s

The position of the CTA’s has been a major issue for all the websites. The composition of the CTA is one of the concerning issue for the website. If the number of CTA’s are way too much or they are too demanding, whether the CTA’s are missing. Thus, in order to get the perfect number of CTA the website can A/B test them by using variable amount in front of various customers. It will help them to get the right approach regarding the CTA. This factor helps in binding of the customers to the website.

Over to You

The A/B testing method is one of the most effective tool in learning the feasibility of many approaches. The website may use A/B testing tool for the better conversion rates and at the same time it helps in learning the pitfalls and the flaws of the website. Thus, with a better knowledge of the flaws there is always a chance of improvement and the opportunities to attract more visitors.


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