Nov 27

6 Social Media Tips To Drive E-Commerce Conversions

Social Media Engagement Can Drive E-Commerce Conversion | Mockingfish

Use social media proactively for getting more product sales and conversion rates.

In this tech savvy world, technology and connectivity is playing a crucial role in bridging out the differences between different people. Among them, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked in, Instagram and such others have connected millions and billions of people with each other by surpassing the linguistic, ethnic and geographical boundaries. With such a wide fan following, it would not be any surprise if you are seeing numerous social buttons on various online businesses. In order to change the business fortunes of your eCommerce company, you need to start implementing the social media optimization strategies. These wonderful social media tips will effortlessly help in improving the conversion rate of your online store.

1. Pay increased stress on improving your online shopping experience than solely focusing on the social media-

Know The Social Media Platforms Where Your Customers Are Engaging | Mockingfish

Understand the behavior of customers on social media sites to drive them towards your conversion funnel.

It is ultimately the shopping experience of your online store that can win the crucial battle of product sales among your business rivals. Always remember that “An easy online shopping experience is the biggest asset for any customer” and can enhance the brand value and reputation of your online store. Make your checkout process a bit easier and simpler for encouraging customers to complete their orders. Once, your customers are comfortable while doing online shopping through your store, they will definitely spread the positive word about your online store among their friends, acquaintances and other near and dear ones.

2. Engage with your targeted customers on relevant social networking sites-

Understand Social Media Behaviour Of your Customers For Better Conversions | Mockingfish

Explore the social behavior of your customers and interpret what they want from you.

“One shoe size does not fit all”, similarly you can’t get required traffic on your site if you are not engaging with your targeted customers on the right social media sites. Understand the customers targeted by your online business for getting high customer attention and conversion rates. If you are providing any online professional services, utilize the services of Linked in. For any other general online businesses, you can avail the services of popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It is not just about using social media platforms but it is more about using the right platform for your online business that makes all the difference.

3. Make effective use of images on your social posts- With an appealing and eye catchy images in your social post, there are increased chances of getting more customer attention and traffic on your site. An “engaging image” can say a thousand words and can convey the brand value and online reputation of your business in a strong manner. Use a high quality 360 degree image that can explain the USP of your product in the most enticing manner so that customers can remain engaged with your promoted product for better product sales. However, make sure that your images are of high quality so that customers can have a better idea about your advertised product like they are actually buying your product at some physical store.

4. Don’t go overboard with your sales pitch but make your social post more engaging-

Provide Customer What They Are Looking For Through Your Social Media Posts | Mockingfish

Understand how your targeted customers behave on social media so as to engage with them in the most appropriate manner.

Social media marketing is not just about making sales pitch but it is more about getting into the minds of your online customers. Don’t push for product sales into each and every social media post but make your engagement more friendly and informative with your targeted customers. Try to carve out a niche audience segment for your particular brand for earning the trust and loyalty of your customers through your social posts. Divide your social content in the ratio of 80:20 with only 20 percent of your content reserved for invoking product sales and the rest should be focused on providing information that excites your targeted customers. Once, you are able to grab their purchasing mindset and nerve, you can effortlessly make your product sales and improve your eCommerce conversions.

5. Measure the performance of your social marketing efforts through a web analytics tool-

Mockingfish Helps In Tracking Social Media Behaviour | Mockingfish

Mocking Fish with its amazing features can guarantee you an effective social media tracking for improved eCommerce conversions.

If you are not having any idea about how your social media strategy is performing and what results is it yielding for you, you can’t get optimum results from your online promotional efforts. To keep a track on your social media efforts, you can avail the exceptional web analytics services of tools like Mocking Fish that can provide you excellent social media tracking services at the most affordable price. Further, it can be installed and configured by anyone with minimum knowledge about computers, has a simple user friendly dashboard design, is reliable in terms of the results and other such features. So, don’t make haste in selecting the right web monitoring and analytics tool but pay attention to all the major guidelines that can make a tremendous impact on your social marketing strategy.

6. Make your promotional offers more interesting and tempting than your rivals-

Make Your Promotional Offers More Interesting And Tempting Than Your Rivals | Mockingfish

An exciting shopping deal can effortlessly grab the attention of your targeted customer.

Keep an eye on what your competitors site is carrying for its targeted customers in order to get a proper insight about what all can be done to make your advertised deal more tempting and encouraging. You can take the help of various shopping offers, free shipping services,  coupon codes and other such measures for making your deal more sweetening for your customers. Once, they discover the exciting aspects of your promotional deal, they would surely arrive at your online store for making the product purchase.

So, start focusing on the business related aspect of social media for driving significant change in your eCommerce business. If you are successful in making optimum benefit out of your social marketing efforts, nothing can stop you from achieving your desired conversion rates and product sales.