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6 ways Heatmap Tools may help in Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sale

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sale

The upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday has alarmed the web store owners to buckle for upcoming holiday sales. It is one of the most awaited time of the year for the eCommerce store owners as the significant rate of the one sales break all record during these sales. Therefore, ever possible efforts have been made by the web store owners to make maximum profits from these sales. In order to get maximum profit the web store must do a decent research and survey to provide best experience to the buyers.

One of the best ways to provide the customers with better shopping experience is to make the website look presentable as per the expectations of the customers. The web store can make use of website Heatmap tool to do so. The Heatmap tool will help the website owner to get a better insight of the customers understanding of the web store. It helps the web store to connect better to the customers and make better sales using the approach. Thus, making use of Heat map tool can prove to be an effective tool in making conversions.

The better understanding of the customer’s behavior helps the web store in making better features available for the customers. We can discuss some of the ways in which heat map tools can help in enhancing the cyber Sunday and Black Friday sale.

Customer’s reaction to graphics

Customer’s reaction

One of the most important aspect of the website are the graphics. The websites needs the customers to be engaged as much with the graphics as possible, but the websites need to keep a track on the real engagement at the same time. Thus, using the heatmap tool allows the websites to know if the customer is actually liking the contents presented to them or not. Understanding the graphics and following t leads the customers to a better position to make a purchase, thus the web store owners need to be sure that the customers have the same understanding of the content as the store wants, to gain better conversions.

Positioning of the CTA’s

Positioning of the CTA’s

CTAs are one of the important aspect of any website. The positioning and the success rate of any CTA decides whether the conversion is going to occur or not. Thus, the website must make effective CTA’s to gain customers attention. According to a survey, 63% of the people decide on to make a purchase only after they are satisfies with the CTA’s. Thus, the strong positioning of the CTA is an important aspect for the successful sales made to the customers during the sale. The website heat map tools such as Click heat map tool helps in checking the successful click rates of the customers on various possibilities of the CTA’s.

Response rate on different texts

Response rate on different textsjpg

The response rate of the customers varies abruptly over a long variation of texts. You may apply the heatmap on your eCommerce sites and figure out that most of the users are ignoring the non-clickable areas. In this way the site placed all its ads and CTA buttons on the places the users view the most. This may help a lot in boosting the site’s conversions. Thus, a better approach is needed in order to reduce this problem. The website needs to introduce the graphics and contents in such a way that the customers find it engaging and check them out else it would be a waste of efforts which will lead to a non-conversion.

Traffic guidance

Traffic guidance

The traffic rate on a website is highly dependent on majority of factors such as page length, number of CTA’s, graphics. Thus, the usage of website heat map tool such as Scroll heatmap tool, click heatmap tool can help the website to get better insight of the customer’s opinion on the website. A heat map setup can be run on one of the previous pages and the new landing pages. The difference could be observed by the website owners like the placement of various button like a Buy Now, over various places to check the response rate of the various customers. This method to have a proven success rate of 12%. By using this the website owner can make sure that the customer’s attention is not diverted on less useful contents on the website.

Optimizing the landing page

landing page

One of the important factor is the optimization of the page for better conversions. It is observed that a well optimized page has a better rate of conversions. A case study over landing page optimization which figured out about how the use of images can affect the landing page conversions. The study showed that the images which show human emotions convert the most, especially with the real- life pictures. Secondly, images also have further preferences. Images that show human emotions in the form of excitement, happy, sad are more likely to bring out better conversions than the non-emotion pictures. For instance look at the three photos shown above, the second one brought the most conversions on a landing page. Thus, the web store can use heat map tool to track the engagement behavior of the customers on different contents.

Cause of cart abandonment

Cause of cart abandonment

The website heat map tool may serve as a better option in determining the main reasons for the cart abandonment. The web store can apply the heat map on its site to see where its visitors are going and why its conversions are not increasing. One of such action carried by the Optimal energy found that the slider they have put on their site is making their visitors leave as the CTA buttons shown on the slider are non-clickable. Hence, visitors find it frustrating to click on the CTA button and not being able to do any action.

Over to You

The website eat map tool prove to be an effective option that the web store must consider before the commencement of the sale. They can help the website to identify different pitfalls in the website and the ways to gather netter traffic and make them ready for the better conversions before the holiday sale.


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