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7 Content Marketing Tactics that can be the Savior for your E-Commerce Site

7 Content Marketing Tactics that can be the savior for your E-Commerce site | MockingfishThe might and influence of a captivating content can’t be under- estimated as it has the potential to change your conversion rates, site traffic, customer engagement and product sales. If you are able to maintain the interest and attention of your targeted customers towards your site, you can easily contribute towards improving your business fortune and conversion rate optimization. With an appealing site content, you can easily win the hearts of your customers and conversion rates for your site. The basic essence of an engaging website is the effective content marketing tactics. Take a look at these tips that can be the game changer for your business.

1. Include an engaging product descriptions- 

Include an engaging product descriptions | Mockingfish

Keep your product descriptions short and engaging for better conversions.

Online shoppers who check a product for purchasing are equally interested in product descriptions for getting a brief insight about the product specifications. By making your product descriptions more engaging, store owners can persuade online visitors to shop from their particular site. They can also utilize the services of an effective A/B testing tool like Mocking Fish that can test the product descriptions on your site for better conversions.

2. Make use of informative videos- 

Make use of informative videos | Mockingfish

Optimized videos are more effective in converting site visitors than simple plain text.

Product videos are simply great for content marketing exercises as they can convey the desired message more effectively among your targeted customers. But, remember, these videos needs to be optimized and of short duration in order to be utilized effectively in your content. It has been shown by numerous studies that these informative videos have the potential to improve your conversion rates and site traffic to a great extent.

3. Take the help of useful articles- Pitching for the product sales every time is not a great idea while writing a website content or promotional emails. It just makes everything monotonous and rhetoric and thus affects the customer engagement on your site. For keeping your customers engaged to your written content, you need to share helpful articles regarding the interest of your targeted customers. For getting a fair idea about the interest areas of your site visitors, you can take the help of a click heat map tool that can provide detailed analytical report about the mouse clicks made by the visitors.

4. Utilize appealing photography in your content- 

Utilize appealing photography in your content | Mockingfish

Use appealing photographs in your content for getting instant customer attention.

An engaging content requires the good company of an eye grabbing product images for getting instant customer attention and for making significant improvement in your conversion rate optimization efforts. Moreover, it is said that “A beautiful picture is more than thousand words” and can bring people more closer to your store. Further, social media sites like Pinterest are making optimum use of the product images for making strong impact among your targeted customers.

5. Take the help of events like fun contests, polls and quizzes- Content marketing is the artful presentation of the content and is aimed at getting more public attention from your targeted customers. But, this difficult task can be made more entertaining and engaging by including fun contests, audience polls, quizzes and other events. These events can help your business entity in getting more social followers for changing your business fortunes.

6. Promote your content on social media sites- Social media has become a great force to reckon with due to their increasing global presence and customer base. More and more businesses are today using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linked in and such other platforms for promoting their business effectively in a global environment. Make effective use of social media marketing tricks for gaining your professional ground among other competitors. But, to make the most of this approach, you need to perform A/B testing on various factors like time of posting, frequency of posting and other such parameters. If you want more information about social media optimization, you need to check out this article- 6 Social media tips to drive eCommerce conversions.

7. Engage with other content marketing experts- Effective customer building and engagement with other marketing experts can pay you well in terms of conversion rate optimization and can increase the readership for your content. You need to involve in various community forums, debates, guest commenting and other such activities for getting effective recommendations from your fellow content marketers for making stupendous product sales and site traffic.

Don’t forget content marketing is still the “king” for getting customer attention as well as better online search rankings. With smarter search engine algorithms and tough competition, it is time to bring more customers towards your site with an authentic, appealing and informative content. Do check out these articles for better insight-

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