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7 Preparations you Need to make Before the Holiday Season Sales

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The overall success of a website can be estimated by the total traffic it receives. The more is the traffic, better are the chances of the website conversions. So, the main target of the website admin is to keep the eCommerce store in sync with the technological changes, so that, the visitors have a better interaction with the contents. Thus, keeping a track on the performance of the website as well as it’s design is a must. In order to provide at par user interaction and user experience, the store owners need to keep updating their web stores.

Since the most awaited holiday season of the year is just at the corner, every eCommerce store would be expecting a boom in their traffic. The store owners must have already started preparing for marketing strategy and campaigns. While the website has been working fine all through the year, you need to ensure that it is ready to handle the sudden increase in the traffic. Keeping all the contents on the website and the sales campaign up to the mark is not enough. The visitors are more likely to make a purchase if they are provided with better options and user friendly navigation. While there are so many companies at their toes trying their best to lure the customers, they are more likely to exit the site even if they find a single flaw in the transaction. Overall, enhancing the website visibility is the key to encourage visitors to make a purchase, but there are many other factors that requires consideration at the same time.

The immediate need is to check the website performance before the holiday season begins. The holiday season brings a huge crowd of the visitors to the website, who have higher purchase intention than the usual traffic. The visitors are about to invest a lot of money in making purchases of different products. Thus, the website must be ready to fulfill their expectations. The first and foremost need of the store owner is to check for various pitfalls and suitability of contents.

Website Heat map can help the owner in making the web site a better place for shopping. The advance statistical data and reports obtained from running the Click Heatmap tool or the scroll heat map provides a detailed information to the store admin about different aspects of the website. Given below are several factors which can be determined by using the Heatmap tool and used to enhance the visitor’s interaction to a very large extent. So, the handy tool and get your website ready for the upcoming sales season. Listed below are some of the aspects that requires the consideration of the store owners.

1.  Find the low performing areas of the web pages

Low Performing Web Pages

The performance of the website is a key factor in determining the growth. The Click heatmap tool enables the admin to know the current standing of the website by providing insight of the visitors interaction with various contents on the web site. Supposedly, the customer visits a store, checks few of the web pages and then exits without making any purchase. The store admin can take a good look at the areas where the site is performing well, that is, the area that are engaging the customers as well as the areas where the site performance was way too down.

The website can be improved by introducing new features and adding the content wisely in the areas where the customers are showing low interest. Thus, the performance is brought on back to track by reading the visitors’ behavior on your site. The website needs to be recalibrated in order to meet the visitor expectation. This can bring positive results, if the website was going through difficult phase and even enhance the performance if it was doing better. The overall growth is the primary concern of the web store owner.

2.  Ensure proper page utilization and less clutter


The content on the website needs to properly oriented throughout the page. If the distribution of content is uneven, then, it may be followed by less engagement to the visitors. Thus, the website admin needs to make sure that all the spaces and areas in the website are properly utilized. The Click Heatmap tool can prove to be an effective mode of making suitable adjustments. The data collected by using the Click Heatmap tool enables the admin to see which of the areas have received least attention from the visitors. This helps in identifying the weak areas of the website.

The utilization of the web pages can be enhanced by providing some better and interacting content on these spaces. The visitors can now explore something better which was missing earlier. Thus, giving a better look to the website. The overall quality is also improved by a great factor. The cluttered category page may put off the visitors. Analyze the pattern of the web page by studying the visitor’s behavior. Put the call-to-actions at the placed that is getting better attention of the store visitors. It is a proven fact that visitors spends most of the time on the website looking at the content at the left side. Thus, the CTAs can be placed there.

3.  Content optimization as per customer’s behavior

Content Optimization

Most of the site visitors follow a general trend of exploring the website. The Click and the scroll Heatmap tool provides a general layout of how did visitors surf through the different parts on the website. It enables the admin to get a better insight of the website weak and strong areas, where the visitors are more likely to spare their efforts and time. Thus, possible efforts can be made to the areas which are lagging proper concern.

By taking a close look at the performance of the various areas of the website, the merchants can optimize the website in a better and more efficient way. It enables the admin to improve their services in accordance to the requirement of the customers. Meanwhile the customers have the advantages of getting more efficient contents.

4.  Better checkout page

Better Checkout Page

The rate of conversions is ensured by a flawless transaction. Firstly, the visitor needs to browse the website for the products and then select the suitable color, size and other aspects of the product. After this move out to check out page and make payments and collect shipment using different options. All these processes are followed by a series of clicks and redirection. Thus, Heatmap tool provides a brief history of the customer’s engagement with different links and contents. The admin gets the detailed report of how and where did the customers were more likely to click, in order to make a purchase. This can help them figure out the various factors that are leading to cart abandonment.

The admin gets to know which part took most customers out of the race in order to make purchase. The actual reason can be analyzed. In case, the website is lagging any solid point which is diverting the visitor out of the website, then, it can be rectified and made sure the website is provided with better versions of those features. Thus, the rate of conversions can be boosted significantly.

5.  Content utility

Content utility

Every website is a collection of data and contents in various forms. Most of the time, the suitability of the contents is the deciding factor the overall growth of the website. Thus, the website needs to contain mostly of the contents, which is better engaging and has the capability to catch the visitor’s attention. The suitability of the content decides whether the product on website are getting better exposure or not. The Heatmap tools provide the admin with information about any content which is not being engaged better by the visitors.

Hence, the admin can either remove the specific content and get something better in that place or make necessary editing to the previous content and try to make it better for customer’s interaction.

6. The text and graphic inbounds

Text and graphic Inbound

The majority of the website consists of the text and graphics. Therefore, it becomes quite important for the admin to know the text inbounds of the website. If the contents on the website are being constantly suppressed due to various reasons than the Heatmap tool gives the following data to the admin, so that necessary changes can be made. The website consists of various heading and subheadings. Most of the time the visitors are able to connect them with the idea behind them. In case they don’t acknowledge the idea than their chances of checking that area is least.

Hence, the admin can make sure that which text and graphics of the website are least expressive. The changes can be made such that to make them more interactive and engaging. The more is the visitor’s understanding of the text and graphics, the better are the chances of that link to be opened and proceed further through that.

7.  Track landing page performance

Text Landing Page Performance

The basic idea of improving any business grows in the capabilities to attract more and better traffic. The landing pages are the most important factor of conversions during the holiday season.

The admin can check for the records of the redirection of the visitors landing page by knowing the click rate on the link by using the Heatmap tool. Moreover, the analysis can help you find the setbacks of your landing pages. It proves to be an effective tool in determining the success and reachability of the website across the social media platforms.

Over to You

The major involvement of the visitors to a website is brought up by various expectations. Thus, the admin must be always ready to provide the best features on the website. It ensures the constant growth of the website and at the same time, it helps in identifying the perks and cons of the website. The Heatmap tool are one of the most suited method to do do and they clearly give very vivid results in this respect. So, avoid the common mistakes and get over the holiday glitches effortlessly with the help of heatmap tool.


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