Oct 21

7 Tips To Improve Conversion Rate With A Seamless Website Navigation

7 tips to improve conversion rate with a seamless website navigation

Consider a situation where you are going on a long drive with your partner or friends and you discover that the road you are going to travel is bumpy and full of uneven terrains. In a matter of seconds, your entire joy of making merry and enjoyment vanishes due to the goosebumps experienced by you. Same is the case with your online visitors when they find that navigating around your website is a uphill task and ultimately decreases their interest towards your site. Due to this, your conversion rates and product sales are sure to hit a rough patch and your chances of business growth and expansion could be marred. Here are the few tried and tested tips that can improve your website navigation for a brilliant conversion rate optimization.

Include only meaningful labels on your site- Don’t let your site visitors scratch your head while navigating through your site and understanding your labels. But, rather use a more meaningful label that can easily convey the purpose of your labels on your website and can save your visitors from the pain of unfruitful navigation. Don’t use necessary labels that tend to confuse your visitors as they can affect your website navigation and usability as a whole.

Organize your categories and sub categories in an efficient manner- Proper organization of categories and sub categories is important to keep your visitors engaged to your business organization. Arrange your category and sub category pages in an wonderful hierarchy so that your customers can easily navigate around your website for making an online purchase. It will further make it easier for your customers to search a particular product of their choice and will ultimately improve your website usability and performance.

Work towards making your top most navigational bar more clickable and navigation friendly- Most of the websites don’t make optimum use of top navigation bar on their site and don’t work towards making them more clickable so as to facilitate seamless navigation around their site. Make those top labels as clickable links that can take your visitor to the desired web page on your site directly thereby increasing your site usability. You can link your top labels with your category and sub category pages so as to improve their functionality on your site. Further, this approach will make your website more productive and can improve your conversion rates to a great extent.

Pay adequate attention to the design conventions on your site- It is recommended for various site owners to use only the easily recognizable and common design conventions for their site so as to make their website more usable and productive. Some of the most common design conventions that are followed by numerous websites are top navigation, left- to- right navigation, hidden menus, material design and other such that facilitates faster and seamless navigation through your website. Moreover, these design conventions work superbly on any type of devices and their functionality and use is not affected by difference in screen sizes. So, use these website designs to increase the rate of customer engagement and interaction on your site to reap huge business advantages.

Make search facility an important part of your website- An effective search is important for every website and it is particularly more useful in case of e- commerce sites where visitors want to search a particular product quickly so as to make an online purchase. Considering their utility, search facility should be provided at the top of the website so that customers can engage with your site in a more efficient manner. Moreover, business organizations should focus towards making their search facility more customer friendly, relevant to the customer queries and more result oriented by including various levels of search techniques like category search, brand search, gender specific search and other such mechanisms.

Give focus towards your special perks like sales, discounts and other such shopping offers- If your website is unable to grab the attention of their targeted customers towards their promotional offers and deals like sales, discounts, shopping festivals and other such schemes, you can’t expect to improve your conversion rates and product sales. Create necessary awareness and curiosity among your customers regarding your offered deals so as to increase your customer engagement that can play a crucial role in improving your conversion rates and product sales to a great extent. Ensure that your sales focused deals and offers are properly placed on your site so as to increase your customer ‘s interest in navigating your website.

Provide something extra and different to your customers through your content- Effective management and promotion of your website content through various online mediums can contribute significantly in your website optimization efforts. Offer your targeted customers something informative, interesting and related to their interest through blogs, articles, social media content and other such writings. By arousing the interest of your visitors through your content, you can easily persuade them to make purchase through your e- commerce store.

So, keep these valuable tips in your mind that can make significant improvement in your website navigation so as to boost your conversion rates. Always remember that “A website that can grab the visitor attention can be the one that can ultimately end up with a product sale”. Don’t ignore your website navigation so as to avoid heavy business repercussions.