Dec 11

7 Tips To Increase The Productivity Of Your CTA Buttons

Call- to- action (CTA) buttons | Mockingfish

Get more customer attention and conversions with an appealing call- to-action buttons.

Call- to- action (CTA) buttons are an important part of every website and has the potential to grab the instant attention of every onsite visitor towards them. Without an appealing CTA button, businesses can’t expect of making a significant impact in terms of conversion rates, site traffic and sales revenue. They are a paramount element of a site and can influence the business prospect of a site to a great extent. But, you can achieve the stupendous success through CTA buttons only if they are capable to draw the instant attention of your targeted customers. However, if you are not having an enticing call- to- action (CTA) button, you need not to be tensed any more as you can certainly increase their productivity through these amazing tips.

1. Utilize white spaces around your CTA button- It is important to provide a unique space and position to your CTA button so that it can effortlessly grab the attention of your targeted customers. There should not be any unnecessary cluttering around your CTA button in the form of text or icons which may take the required attention from your CTA button. In order to provide a unique position and look to your CTA button, you need to use appropriate white spaces around it that sets it apart from the other elements on your site.

2. Select the right color for your button-

Select the right color for your button | Mockingfish

Color of your CTA buttons make a tremendous impact on the minds of your buyers.

Color psychology has a tremendous effect on the purchasing behavior of the customers as different colors affects the various areas of the human mind and has a significant impact on the moods of the buyer. For example, the various emotions linked to different colors can be expressed as follows:

Red- It is linked to diverse range of emotions like lust, urgency, negative issues or concerns, excitement and fun, passion and love.

Yellow- This color is usually linked to jealousy, competence, adventure and happiness.

Blue- The qualities or emotions that are attached to this color are masculinity, competence, high quality, corporatism and coolness.

White- White color symbolizes happiness, sincerity, purity and calmness.

So, it is important to choose the right color for your business that can effortlessly convey the basic essence and nature of your concerned business.

3. Go for the effective size of your button-

Go for the effective size of your button | Mockingfish

Use a CTA button size that is clearly visible to your targeted customers for better conversions.

If you want your CTA button to stand out among rest of your site elements, make sure that it is clearly visible to your targeted customers for improving your customer engagement and product sales. Do remember that “If it is not visible clearly, it cannot grab the attention of the people either”, so work towards making your CTA buttons more effective and visually appealing. You can improve the productivity of your button by testing the position, placement, color and size of your CTA buttons through a reliable A/B testing tool like Mocking Fish. This remarkable web testing tool is known all over the world for its user friendly dashboard design, affordable price, simple installation and configuration, highly reliable results and other such numerous features.

4. Place your button in the area of maximum customer attention- Positioning of your CTA buttons play a greater role in improving their visibility and attention grabbing potential among your targeted customers. You need to have a clear idea about whether to place your CTA button below or above the fold for getting maximum customer attention. Further, to get a fair idea about the most looked areas on your website, you can take the help of heat map tools like Mocking Fish that consists of features like click heat map, scroll heat map and envelope heat map for providing you complete information regarding your visitor’s onsite behavior. By analyzing the heat map reports, businesses can effortlessly get insight about the areas of maximum customer attention on a site for placing their CTA button in order to get maximum conversion rates.

5. Include an irresistible offer along with your CTA button-

Include an irresistible offer along with your CTA button | Mockingfish

Attractive offers along with your CTA button can influence the purchasing behavior of your targeted customers drastically.

A glossy colorful CTA button can’t do anything if it is not supported by an appealing and eye catchy statement or text. In order to get immediate attention of your targeted customers, you need to showcase an attractive offer on your particular website. Remember, CTA button will be useless if it does not have anything exciting to inform or offer for improving their product sales and to contribute in conversion rate optimization.

6. Make use of a powerful, clear and concise language- Try to invoke the interest of your targeted customers with a compelling, clear and specific language of your CTA statement. Connect with your targeted customers in such a manner that can make your available offer on your site as the most appealing. Use powerful words like “Try now”, “Hurry up”, “Avail now”, “Offer valid till”, “Limited Stock available” and other such phrases that conveys both the urgency and a sense of complete perfection when it comes to your advertised offer.

7. Analyze your competitor’s website for understanding the possible loop holes in your CTA buttons- In this competitive world, it is important to analyze the website of your business rivals for getting a clear idea about what is so different on their site that is grabbing the instant attention of the targeted customers. Checkout their CTA buttons in terms of its position, color, statement and placement for better eCommerce conversions and product sales. By having a clear idea about how your rival site elements look like, you can effortlessly improve the conversion ability of your call- to- action (CTA) buttons.

In this cut throat competitive world, it has become a matter of great concern to improve the conversion rates, site traffic and product sales of a business entity through the use of an appealing call- to- action (CTA) buttons. These elements certainly deserve your little attention so as to make a mammoth impact on the business fortunes of your website.