Oct 28

8 Must Follow Up Tips That Can Help You In Utilizing A/B Testing For Low Traffic Sites

8 A/b Testing Tips For Low Traffic Sites | Mockingfish

8 tips for the success of A/B testing on low traffic sites.


There are various misconceptions about A/B testing that are making it difficult to use this web testing approach for online business organizations with a moderate to less site traffic. Most often, A/B testing is perceived as something that is meant only for a high traffic website which is absolutely baseless as it is equally effective for sites that are not having so much high traffic. You can still achieve considerable growth in your conversion rates even if your site is visited by a limited amount of people. This is because of the fact that conversions is more about customer engagement on your site rather than the number of visitors coming onto your site. If you are still confused, take a look at these tips that can guide you towards a convincing A/B testing for conversions on a low traffic site.

Make maximum utilizations of the available resources for boosting your site traffic- It is rightly said that “Don’t wait for rains to stop but rather take your umbrella out”. In a similar way if you don’t have a high traffic on your site, don’t wait for site traffic to increase so as to implement web testing but rather start taking proactive steps to improve that traffic. Business organizations need to make proper utilization of various customer targeting methods like targeted email campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing, sponsored links by Google Adwords and other such techniques. But, if you are facing a financial crisis, you can go for specific customer focused targeted email messages that are relatively more cost effective. You can convey your shopping offers, product USP, price cut in products or services and other such crucial information that can tempt your targeted customers to visit your online business organization.

Persuade your customers to act swiftly on your site-

Persuade Your Customers To A Swiftly On Your Site | Mockingfish

Showcase attractive offers on your site to get huge traffic volume.

Show your customers the necessity and efficiency of your site offers and deals so that they can understand the urgency of your displayed offers for making an instant purchase. Make your product and deal as the most lucrative offer for your targeted customers so as to create a sense of urgency that can drive them towards your online store. Use a limited offer approach, count- down sales offer and other such methods so as to explain customers what they could miss out if they are not acting immediately and this feeling of urgency can definitely improve your conversion rates and product sales.

Increase the area and scope of your testing results- Don’t stay glued to the time tested rules of A/B testing but broke the chains and set your own testing rules by exploring more in this field. You can perform this by testing multiple variations one by one with your original web page so as to determine which is the most profitable web page for your business organization. Shun that old habits of testing only two variations for A/B testing as more number of test can inform you better about which web page version can have a better impact on your conversion rates and customer engagement. However, save yourself from falling into the trap of Multi- variate testing as it requires a high amount of traffic and you would not have a clear idea about what actually caused changes in your conversion rates and product sales due to the implementation of various combinations of site elements.

Improve your customer engagement with a powerful call- to- action (CTA) button and statement-

Use A powerful CTA To Get Customer Attetion | Mockingfish

CTA button can drive customer engagement and conversion rate for your site.

It is rightly said that “Words have more power to influence people than good looks” and this is equally effective in terms of the online business organization. You need to have an engaging CTA button and statement that can effortlessly persuade your targeted customers to perform the necessary task on your business organization so as to improve your business fortunes and conversion rates. For example, instead of a simple “Sign up here” statement on your site, you can have more visitor registrations with a statement that says “Get your free ebook copy now”. It is important to increase the worth and conversion ability of your CTA with an effective customer engagement.

Divide your testing priorities in a better way- A/B testing should not always be directed towards product sales but if you are having a site with low traffic, you need to address other smaller concerns that could have a impact on your bigger goals in a discrete manner. These micro conversions can be add- to- cart rate, number of page views of a product, bounce rates and other such areas which directly or indirectly affect your macro conversions like product sales, registrations and other such main testing goals.

Work towards improving your product page views-

Work Towards Improving Your Product Page Views | Mockingfish

Better product views can improve your site traffic for implementing A/B testing changes.

Give your customers an effective reason to stay on your site product page so that they can surf other related products in order to promote cross selling. Provide your featured products in an enticing manner so as to grab your visitor’s attention instantly which in turn could increase your product views to a great extent. Further, increased page views ensure that these number of people are interested in your product or services but are not converting ultimately due to one or the other reasons. In this case, all you need to do is retarget those abandoned customers with a more proactive and customer oriented promotional approach.

Be more experimenting and ambitious in your A/B testing approach-

Be More Experimenting And Ambitious In Your A/B Testing Approach | Mockingfish

The reliability and efficiency of A/b testing tool matters a lot for the success of your A/b testing tips.

Don’t act sheepishly with your A/B testing but be more expressive, liberal and extraordinary in your testing results. Create different variations of your testing page by making various changes in your site element positioning and test them simultaneously on your scheduled testing traffic so as to get a bigger picture from your web testing results. Business organizations should not remain bound to smaller changes but should aim for the big kill for making a significant changes in your conversion rates, site traffic, product sales and customer engagement. But, do remember to use only a reliable testing tool like Mocking Fish that can save your efforts, time and money to a great deal.

Believe and work towards the theory of “Love at first site”-

Believe and work towards the theory of “Love at first site” | Mockigfish

Seamless site navigation is important for a better site traffic.

For the growth and progress of your business organization, make dedicated efforts towards grabbing the instant attention of your targeted customers on your site so that they don’t turn their back towards your rival site. Make your landing page, site elements, navigation and presentation more visually appealing and user friendly for making an effective “first impression” over your targeted customers. Apart from making your site more exciting, you need to work towards simplifying and optimizing the main goal of your site that can be a product sale, registration for an event, webinar or concert, high customer engagement and other such conversion goals.

Final words- It may be well understood now that the scope, nature and application areas of A/B testing is beyond factors like site traffic, business size and nature of business organization. If you have the knowledge about effective web testing tips along with the support of a reliable testing tool, you would be able to change your business fortunes and conversions easily irrespective of the fact that your website is getting a good traffic or not.