Jun 6

A Free A/B Testing Tool to Transform Your Online Business

A/B Testing Tool | Mockingfish

Explore the science of A/B testing for getting higher conversions and sales for your online business.

Everybody has a knack for getting products or services for free of cost and we all have a sparkle in our eyes whenever we hear about any such offer. This is one of the ideal situation for every buyer but it has become a distant reality considering the huge competition in the current business scenario. However, people are still obsessed with freebies and are looking for every other opportunity to grab it.

Even business entities are trying various “free schemes” to lure their targeted customers to emerge victorious among their rivals. To keep their customers engaged on their site, they are employing various techniques and approaches but web testing has been at the forefront of all these activities. You need to constantly test the usability and performance of your site in order to derive maximum conversions and traffic for your site. This could be only possible if you are having the support of an effective A/B testing tool at your side. No doubt, features and functionalities matter a lot but the cost has also been the driving factor for numerous online business entities around the world. At this crucial point if somebody informs you about a free A/B Testing tool, it would be a blessing in disguise for you in order to give a much needed boost to your cost cutting efforts. Let us explore the features of this Mocking Fish free web testing tool that has become quite popular among different types and sizes of online business entities.

Comes with a user friendly and simple interface- This web testing tool comes with an interactive design that can help you in performing various complicated tasks at great ease. There is no need for any specialization to understand the various reports and functionalities of this interactive tool. Everything can be managed effortlessly with this interactive and user friendly free A/B Testing tool which consists of a highly engaging admin panel.

Offers simple installation and configuration facility- For ensuring a quick and seamless facility of web testing, this Mocking Fish has emerged as the brilliant contender for the non tech savvy clients. It is all a matter of few clicks and you are sorted out for getting an engaging website for your eCommerce business. This one of the effective USP of this free A/B testing tool that ensured its reach to far off places and without any requirement of specialized skills or knowledge.

Does not affect your pocket in a big way- In a business scenario, it is important to control your operating cost in order to achieve a long term business growth. You do not want excellent services at such a steep price that could affect your other business expenditure. Thank God, this is not the case with this free A/B testing tool that is now providing a one year free subscription to its customers along with the business plan. While, its start up plan is available free for a lifetime.

Matches the reliability of some other known web testing tools- There is no scope for an error while you are implementing critical business decisions as it could hamper your chances of business growth and conversion to a great extent. You have to take every small decision by weighing the pros and cons of your step in order to avoid heavy losses in sales and conversions for your online store. Mocking Fish reduces the chances of failure for your online store as it offers excellent reliability in terms of testing results that could give a tough fight to other existing A/B testing tools in the market.

So, stop hunting for an effective web testing tool as Mocking Fish has arrived at the center stage to change all existing rules of grabbing a seamless conversion rates for an online business entity. This free A/B testing tool is certainly made to rule among numerous online business entities around the world and can rewrite their business future with great ease.