Sep 16

A Heatmap Tool Built to Address Multiple Site Platforms

Sneak peek into A-B testing and heatmap services for CMS platforms | Mockingfish

With the diverse use of website and eCommerce platforms, it has become difficult to utilize a single tool that can help in improving the performance of a website. It is a common phenomenon which occurs in a business environment but the ultimate sufferers are the site owners who have their sites built on various back end platforms. Most often, there are instances when site owners are unable to utilize the wonderful features and functionalities of a tool, module or theme just because of the mismatch in the back end platforms.

This was a serious problem for various heatmap tool also that were applicable for some selected web development and eCommerce platforms only but the entire scenario changed with the emergence of this MockingFish heatmap tool. Here are the various platforms for which this heatmap tool is available for its targeted customers.

Magento- If you are one of those Magento site owners who are experiencing less customer engagement and sales, this Magento heatmap tool is the only solution for you. In order to install Magento heatmap tool, you don’t need any technical knowledge or expertise at all. For utilizing the services of this Magento extension, site owner just have to upload the extension files on the root directory of their server and it will be visible in the admin panel of your Magento platform. Now, you need to just add the MockingFish script for start utilizing the services of this heatmap tool.

OpenCart- Those OpenCart customers that are thinking about improving their site performance with an OpenCart heatmap tool need to embrace MockingFish tool without any doubt. They just need to install the OpenCart heatmap module on their site and then include an account script in order to start tracking their OpenCart website.

Drupal- If you are eager to utilize the features of this MockingFish Drupal heatmap tool, you need to perform the following simple steps for the installation of this MockingFish tool on your Drupal site.

  1. First, login to the back end dashboard of your Drupal site.
  2. You need to navigate towards the Modules option.
  3. Now, click on the Install New Module.
  4. Site admin has to choose the required file and then select the zip file of the MockingFish module.
  5. Click on the install.
  6. Finally, admin needs to enable the newly added module and then click on the save configuration.

Once, the module is installed, Drupal site owners need to add the required script for ensuring effective tracking and heatmap services on a website.

PrestaShop- MockingFish is also available for PrestaShop store owners and can be installed by them without any expert assistance. In order to start tracking your website with a PrestaShop heatmap tool, site admin just have to install the MockingFish Prestashop module on their website and then include the required script afterwards.

WordPress- WordPress site owners don’t have to bear with a low performing website due to the presence of this WordPress heatmap tool. Site admin just have to perform the simple installation steps to install this MockingFish WordPress plugin and then add the required script onto their site for availing the services of a heatmap tool like MockingFish. Here are the installation steps.

  1. Site admin need to login to the FTP server through the help of FTP client such as filezilla or winscp.
  2. They need to then upload the MockingFish folder to the location /wp-content/plugins directory on the site server.
  3. You can now check your admin panel to locate the plugins page.
  4. You can see a plugin entry over there named as “MockingFish”.
  5. Finally, admin can activate the plugin from the required location on the WordPress site.

Joomla- It is really a great news for Drupal site owners as our feature packed MockingFish heatmap tool is available for them also. All they need to do is just add the web service script of our Joomla heatmap tool on their site and they can be better equipped for optimizing the performance of a website.

With the seamless compatibility of this MockingFish heatmap tool for numerous platforms like Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WordPress and such others, it is now easier to keep a track on the site visitors arriving on a wide range of websites. For getting a free demo of this MockingFish heatmap tool, you can visit our site at to get a exposure of our feature packed web analytics and tracking tool.