Aug 5

A Quick Overview of MockingFish WordPress Heatmap Tool

A quick overview of MockingFish WordPress heatmap tool | Mockingfish

It has been a great day for WordPress site owners around the world as they can now constantly track and monitor their website without any hurdle. Yes! It is true. MockingFish heatmap tool is now available for WordPress platform in order to provide a clear idea to site owners regarding the performance of their website. This is one of the remarkable web tracking and analytics tool that is loved by websites around the world.

MockingFish WordPress heatmap tool comes bundled with lots of features and functionalities that can provide amazing website tracking facility to its site owners. Although, you may feel that there are number of heatmap tools for WordPress sites but MockingFish tool has carved out a niche place for itself. If you want to more about this WordPress heatmap tool, you need to check out the various heatmap types for your online business as described below.

Click heatmap- If you are eager to understand the click areas of your site visitors, you need to take the help of this MockingFish click heatmap tool. It can inform you where does your visitors click on your site and can help in improving your customer engagement and site conversions. This WordPress heatmap tool can also help in providing crucial information about browsing behavior and click pattern of visitors.

Scroll heatmap- Website scrolling is the most common activity for any site visitor and is done with the intention to explore a website. In case, you are unable to utilize the “real estate” of your website, it is time to avail the scroll heatmap feature of this MockingFish WordPress heatmap tool. It can help you analyze the scroll behavior of your site visitors without any hiccups. Utilize this scroll heatmap for increasing website usability to grab maximum conversions for a WordPress site.

Insight heatmap- If there can be one heatmap tool for grabbing higher customer acquisition and retargeting, it can’t be better than this insight heatmap feature of MockingFish tool. With this web analytics and tracking tool, it is now possible to have a better understanding of your customer in terms of his/her location, device type and screen used by them, browsing time, window size, customer interests, browser used and other such visitor specific data. Once, you have access to all these crucial details, it will be much easier for you to acquire and retarget your customers with the help of a feature packed WordPress heatmap tool.

Attention heatmap- In case, you are thinking about a quick optimization of your landing page, you need to go for this attention heatmap tool. It can provide you required analytical data that can help in the smooth optimization of web pages consisting of rich quality content. With the help of this amazing feature of WordPress heatmap tool, you can have a clear idea about the site content which grabs maximum customer attention and which is left ignored by your visitors. Apart from this, attention heatmap do provide important information about the navigation activity on a site through the help of horizontal and vertical scrolling for an engaging web page design.

Being a WordPress site owner, you don’t have to compromise with the performance, conversions, customer engagement and sales as this MockingFish WordPress heatmap tool is available at your service. It is a superb plugin which has various advanced features and functionalities that can make your WordPress site emerge victorious in a particular business domain. If you want more information about this web tracking and analytics tool, you need to surf our website at for bundle of information about this tool.