Jun 14

A Website Heatmap Tool to Keep You Ahead From Your Rivals

A website heatmap tool to keep you ahead from your rivals | Mockingfish

Website heatmap tool is great for optimizing the performance of your online business.

Every business is a game of hits and misses where sometimes your strategy works for you and at times it does affect your business chances in the long run. If you are not willing to improve your mistakes, it is certain that you will have a tough road ahead in terms of conversion rates, product sales and site traffic. Moreover, you need to keep a close track on the each and every moment of your site visitor for getting the desired business outcomes. This detailed statistical information can help you achieve the various important key performance indicators (KPIs) for your online business entity for making the optimum impact among your rivals.

A heatmap is one of the important web tracking and analytics tool that can do wonders for your online business entity. It can help you provide critical information about the weak and strong areas of your website without any problem. With our Mocking Fish website heatmap tool, it will be much easier to redesign your existing website in an entirely new manner for obtaining higher conversions. Here is a brief account of all the ways by which our heatmap tool can help you with an outstanding website for your online business entity.

The tool helps in grabbing the areas of maximum customer engagement- With Mocking Fish tool, you can seamlessly track the areas of maximum customer engagement which could help you out in the difficult task of eCommerce conversion rate optimization. In this way, our website heatmap tool can guide you about the strong areas of your website to make the maximum impact among your rivals. Once, you are aware about the site areas that can grab the maximum customer attention for your online business, it will be much easier for you to score high in terms of conversion rates, product sales and customer engagement.

It can help you overcome your site design flaws- By providing effective information about the non engagement areas of your site, you can perform a quick renovation of your site without any hassle. It is easier to perform a website customization in terms of the background design, web layout, positioning of various site elements and much more for ensuring higher conversions and sales for your online store. Our Mocking Fish website heatmap tool can guide you in the right direction as it can perform the desired modifications and changes in your site for grabbing instant customer attention and conversions.

You can perform the effective customer targeting with this heatmap tool- In order to bring a substantive amount of customer traffic on your site, you need to target your visitors in a better way. With the support of this website heatmap tool, you can get a clear idea about various parameters that can help out in the daunting task of customer targeting. Some of these parameters are location of customer, device type used, browser, time of clicking and much more that can help in the task of customer targeting and retargeting.

It is time to revitalise your site with the out- of- the- box website heatmap tool of Mocking Fish that is simply unique in its features and functionalities. So, try out this amazing heatmap tool for free by visiting our site at www.mockingfish.com and you can be sure of a website with a powerful punch.