Jun 20

A WordPress A/B Testing Tool for that WordPress Based CMS Site

A-WordPress A/B Testing Tool | Mockingfish

Try this WordPress A/B testing tool for optimizing the performance of your WordPress site.

The difference in back end platforms can’t be a good reason to deprive store owners from the services of an effective web testing tool. You don’t want people to appear as helpless if you can’t offer them respective services of your tool or software in their native platforms. Failing to do so can be the biggest nightmare for the gowth and expansion of your business in the long run. With the cut throat competition building up, eCommerce stores need the effective support and assistance of a A/B testing tool that can offer its services beyond the back end technicalities.

We are glad to inform that Mocking Fish has traversed a new direction in the field of split testing by providing its WordPress A/B testing tool to its WordPress site owners. It has helped in transforming the business of various WordPress site owners without any difficulty. Now, you would not be at the receiving end just because you are using a different back end platform for your site. Due to this cross platform compatibility issue, utilization of a productive A/B testing tool becomes a challenging task. However, this long pending issue has been made much easier for you with the emergence of this Mocking Fish tool. In order to make use of its features and functionalities, you need to install this excellent tool on your WordPress site. If you are looking out for ways to install this unmatched WordPress web testing tool, you need to take a quick look at the below mentioned steps.

- In order to access the amazing features and functionalities of this split testing tool from Mocking Fish, you need to first download it onto your desktop with this helpful link.

- The above step will download a zip archive of WordPress A/B testing tool at the required location on your desktop.

- Once the zip file is fully downloaded, you need to then extract the contents of this zip folder.

- It is required from user that they need to upload this free A/B testing tool folder into wp-content/plugins folder that is located under WordPress server directory with the use of FTP program.

- With the completion of the above step, your feature packed WordPress A/B testing tool will be automatically uploaded in the plugins list found on the WordPress screen.

- Now, it is time to finally click on the “Activate” button which will then install this Mocking Fish A/B testing tool without any hurdle.

Thus, it is just a matter of few simple steps and you are ready to explore the huge advantages of this feature loaded WordPress A/B testing tool on your site. Don’t blame the back end platform of your site if you are lagging in terms of site usability and performance. This is because it is time to rebuild the conversion rate optimization strategy for your business with the help of this Mocking Fish tool that is now available for WordPress site owners also. If you are eager to explore more about this unique web testing tool, do visit our site at www.mockingfish.com.