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A/B testing- A Right Beginning for your Business – Volume 1

AB testing- A right beginning for your business – Volume 1 | Mockingfish

Adopt A/B testing approach for improving your conversion rates, product sales and site traffic.

People have become more logical and rational today and don’t imitate anything once they are not fully assured about its importance and use. Similarly, A/B testing is one such buzz word that is most heard in the business scenario. However, there are numerous people who may not be much aware about this terminology and may ask questionnaire like

What is A/B testing?

– What is its importance in the business environment?

– How is it related to better conversion rates and product sales and much more.

In order to unravel the mystery for you, let us begin our epic journey towards split testing, another name for A/B testing to help you utilize its services for your business entity. Further, it will provide you satisfactory answers of all the above questions for making a better choice regarding the hiring of an effective conversion optimization services for your business.

- A Brief about A/B testing

A Brief about AB testing | Mockingfish

A/B testing helps in minimizing the risk factor that is involved in applying the site changes without the involvement of site visitors.

A/B testing is a web testing approach which is employed in the online business environment to get proper insight about the visitor’s intention and choice regarding your website. Here, a variation page (the site page with intended changes) is tested against the control page (the original web page of the site) on a selected group of site visitors and the conversion rates are measured to decide the “winner page” of the testing experiment. Some of the other terminologies that needs to be known for getting detailed knowledge about this web testing approach are as follows:

1. Control page- It is the original web page of your site that is devoid of any changes. The control page is the axis based on which the variation pages are tested.

2. Variation page- It is the page on which the changes that are aimed to be implemented on the site are made. This web page which consists of the changes are known as treatment page.

3. Winner page- The web page with highest number of conversion rates is known as winner page. It is that web page which is chosen to make desired changes on your website.

4. Conversion rates- It is the completion of the targeted action on a website like product sales on an eCommerce site, downloading of the software on a Saas (Software as a service) site, number of registrations on a site and such other activities.

5. Statistical significance- It is the value which is considered appropriate for implementing the changes of a testing experiment finally onto your website. It is also known as confidence level. Usually, a statistical significance of 95% or more is considered effective for implementing the changes of a treatment page.

- Things to consider while doing an A/B test experiment

If you want to make the most of this web testing approach, you need to keep certain things in mind while performing an A/B testing experiment. Let us take a look at these factors that can play a crucial role in your conversion rate optimization efforts.

Low traffic site | Mockingfish

Apply your A/B test on a website with adequate traffic for better conversions.

– Always implement your A/B testing experiment on a site which is having an adequate traffic in order to get a better insight about the mood and interest of your site visitors. But, unfortunately, if you are not having much visitor footfall on your site, you can get the fair idea about split testing through this article.

Uneven traffic distribution | Mockingfish

Implement A/B testing on your site visitors in a fixed even ratio for getting accurate results.

– Don’t apply your experiment on the entire segment of your site visitors as it can be catastrophic for your business fortunes if the results don’t turn up expectedly. It would be a sensible approach to divide the targeted traffic between your control page and variation page in the ratio of 50:50 so as to get unbiased A/B testing results. But, if you are too confident about the impact of your testing experiment, you can divide the site traffic into 60:40, 70:30 or 80:20 ratio.

Confidence | Mockingfish

A confidence level of 95% is the least acceptable value for the effective implementation of A/B testing results.

– Wait for the appropriate confidence level or statistical significance before finally implementing your changes. Achieving a 100% confidence level is a myth, so don’t fall into this rat trap. A confidence level of at least 95% is considered ideal for implementing the changes of a testing experiment. If you are unable to accomplish this crucial task, hire an effective conversion optimization services that can help you in getting the required confidence level.

Ab test with complete test duration | Mockigfish

Complete the testing time duration of your A/B testing experiments for getting optimum business results.

– For ensuring the success of your split testing experiment, you need to complete the scheduled time duration of your testing experiment. This will provide you clear insight about whether your achieved conversion rates are a matter of luck by chance or they have stood the test of time. But, remember you need to set the realistic time duration for your testing experiment as you can’t schedule your test for a long time in a competitive business environment.

This is just the beginning of this soul searching journey that has the potential to take your business entity to new heights in terms of conversion rate optimization. If you want to know more about the impact of A/B testing on a competitive business environment, stay tuned to its next part.