Feb 15

A/B Testing- Its Rise and Rise and Rise in Business Environment- Volume 2

Ab testing- Its rise and rise and rise in business environment- Volume 2 | Mockingfish

Implement A/B testing on your site for better conversions and customer engagement.

Every business entity is fighting a lone tough battle of “conversion rates and product sales” as the swords had already been drawn and various competitive websites are facing each other for that ultimate “do or die” situation. Nobody wants to lose this high stakes battle as a humiliating defeat would mean the end of gaining more product sales, business expansion chances and better customer engagement. I know the competition is fierce but you can be on the safer side if you have an effective A/B testing services on your side. Let us provide a clear insight about the rising importance of split testing in the business environment which if used effectively can eliminate the requirement of conversion rate optimization services for your business entity.

1. It helps in bringing more customers towards your site-

It helps in bringing more customers towards your site | Mockingfish

Click heat map report helps in improving customer attention and traffic towards your site.

Getting required customer attention is very important for influencing the business fortunes of your company in terms of conversion rates, product sales and site traffic. Firstly, you need to take the help of an effective click heat map tool like Mocking Fish that can provide you a detailed insight about the most clicked areas of your website. Once, you are aware about the site elements that are getting the maximum attention from your targeted customers, you can implement A/B testing on them one by one for increasing their effectiveness and visual appeal.

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2. You can use testing to improve the user experience for your customers-

You can use testing to improve the user experience for your customers | Mockingfish

A/B testing can help in improving the user experience of your site for your targeted customers.

A site needs to be visually appealing and engaging for grabbing the instant attention of your targeted customers. Remember, you need to test the different variations of your various site elements like call- to- action buttons, registration forms, images, headlines, sub headings, body copy and other such components. By measuring their conversion grabbing potential, you can easily decide which version of your site elements will be beneficial for your company.

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3. A/B testing can help in improving the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns-

Ab testing can help in improving the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns | Mockingfish

Make use of split testing for improving the conversion ability of your promotional emails.

Every business entity needs a productive email marketing campaigns that can play a decisive role in the customer acquisition and retention process. In order to make your promotional emails more appealing and conversion friendly, you need to A/B test your email subject lines, from field, time of day for email sending, day of the week, body copy, layout and design, call- to- action and other email components. Furthermore, you need to make use of a mouse move heat map tool that can provide you crucial information about email open rates, click through rates, unsubscribed customers, total number of sent emails and other such data that can help you analyze the success and effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns for better conversions.

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4. To improve the reachability and accessibility of your website-

To improve the reachability and accessibility of your website | Mockingfish

Try using A/B testing for improving the accessibility of your site on multiple devices.

In the changing business environment, it is important to make your site more accessible to various devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. To accomplish this grueling task, you need to perform A/B testing on all those elements that can improve the usability and accessibility of your site on multiple devices for better conversions and site traffic.

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5. A/B testing can help in bringing the best out of your online marketing activities- Online marketing has become an integral part of business planning and has earned the distinction of being the “game changer”. You need to perform split testing on online marketing campaigns like PPC campaigns, social media marketing, search ad campaigns and other marketing activities. With this step, you can also analyze the success rate of your online marketing campaigns for better conversion rates, product sales and customer attention.

6. It allows hassle free implementation of website changes and thus minimizes the chances of risk involved-

It allows hassle free implementation of website changes and thus minimizes the chances of risk involved | Mockingfish

A/B testing helps in implementing website changes in a seamless manner.

In a competitive business environment, you can’t take big decisions in a haste as they can affect your chances of business growth and expansion. Website changes are one such aspect which requires decisive action to ensure your smooth business run among your business rivals. Once, you can accomplish this task effortlessly, you don’t need the services of any other conversion rate optimization services.

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So, with the increasing uncertainity and fast evolving business environment, A/B testing seems to be the answer to all the major problems that are being faced by numerous business entities around the world. Don’t hold back your hand now and start utilizing it services for making that stupendous growth in your particular business segment.