Dec 3

A/B Testing Process In Five Simple Steps For Better Conversions

Use Ab Testing For Improving Your Website Appeal And Conversion | Mockingfish

A/B testing can help in improving the conversion rates and site traffic for your eCommerce site.

It is rightly said that “Don’t enter into the rough tides if you are not a great swimmer” as there are chances of getting lost due to the unfriendly waves. Similarly, don’t get ready to implement something about whom you are not fully aware in order to avoid the disappointment in terms of results. If you are having an effective A/B testing tool with you but is clueless about how to implement it on your website. Here is the ultimate savior for you as you can now get a fair idea about the implementation of your testing tool by adopting these five simple steps in your split testing process.

1. Create an effective plan or goal for your A/B testing-

Create An Effective Plan Or Goal For Your AB Testing | Mockingfish

Formulate realistic goals for your A/B testing results for getting desired business outcomes.

For getting effective business oriented results, you need to be aware about the corresponding plan or goal of your A/B testing. Understand the reason behind the implementation of split testing results like improvement in site traffic, increase in product sales, more number of onsite registrations, bumper product views and other such goals. Once, you have the particular goal in your mind, you can easily take the required necessary action towards accomplishing a particular goal without any hassle.

2. Start with only a single variable- Being a novice in the field of A/B testing, you need to focus only on one testing variable at a time that you think can make significant changes in your conversion rates and site traffic. Don’t go for the multi- variate testing without understanding the basic nuances of the split testing. This is because by testing multiple variations at a particular instance of time, you can’t get a clear idea about which variable actually caused the changes in your conversion rates. Make an effective analysis of the various elements of your site for understanding their individual impact on the key performance indicators (KPIs). Choose only the best variable that can make a tremendous impact on your site in terms of conversion rates, site traffic and customer engagement.

Although, there are various web testing tool like Mocking Fish that can provide reliable and affordable A/B testing and multi- variate testing services to its worldwide clients. Always keep in mind that “beauty lies in simplicity” and make it your testing mantra if you are new to the field of web testing.

3. Plan your testing activities for a small measurable amount of time-

Plan Your Testing Activities For A Small Measurable Amount Of Time | Mockingfish

Plan your A/B testing results for a small duration of time that can be measured by you for making the final changes.

What is the use of an A/B test that can’t provide you results within a short span of time? No online business would like to run tests that are going to run for more than 2 months as it would not provide a clear insight about the behavior of your site traffic towards the implemented changes in your variation page. Without this information, it would be extremely difficult for site owners to make any permanent changes in their site that could make a significant impact on their business fortunes. The time duration of your A/B tests do play a crucial role in determining the success rate of your testing results. Plan your A/B test for a legitimate amount of time that can be seamlessly analyzed by your online business for implementing the changes of the winner page.

4. Know all those limiting factors that can affect the performance of your A/B testing results- It is important to have a before hand knowledge of all those factors that can affect the performance of your A/B testing results to a great extent. Prepare a list of all those elements that are not getting the required amount of customer attention and traffic on your site through an effective heat map tool by tracking the onsite behavior and activity of your targeted customers.

Mocking Fish is one such tool that has earned the global recognition due to its user friendly dashboard design, reliable test results, effective client reporting services, pocket friendly price and other such features. It has numerous heat maps like click heat map, insight heat map, envelope heat map and other such that can provide a complete detailed information about your incoming site visitors.

5. Achieve the required level of statistical significance before implementing changes-

Achieve The Required Level Of Statistical Significance Before Implementing Changes | Mockingfish

Implement winner A/B test changes only when confidence level is 95% or more.

Implement permanent changes on your site only if you have achieved the confidence level of 95% or more for eliminating any chances of A/B test failures. It is important to wait for the favorable results before arriving at a particular conclusion while implementing the A/B test results. Don’t rush into the habit of implementing testing results too early as “haste makes waste” but wait for the opportune time for making the big changes. Being impulsive will not do any good for your online business so wait for the appropriate statistical significance to go for the big kill during website customization process for improving your eCommerce conversion rates.

So, take out your best foot forward now and start utilizing the services of A/B testing tool for getting higher conversion rates and product sales. All you need to do is just follow these 5 simple steps and you are ready to rock in your particular business segment.