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Achieve an engaging UI design with an assistance from Heatmap tool

Achieve an engaging UI design with an assistance from Heatmap tool | MockingFish

You might have worked with the traditional analytics that provides you with the information on how your website is performing. Unfortunately, these traditional tools cannot tell you why it is performing like this. Point is, they cannot tell you about the reasons behind any kind of performance of your website; positive or negative.

Here, we will explain how a visual approach to your analytics report can help you in generating a better UI design. We are talking about the heatmap tools that functions in multiple ways by showing you both the performance metrics and reason behind the performance. On the whole, the heatmap tools provide you a detailed insight of your each and every website element.

Visual analytics with heatmap tools are different from the traditional analytics

The heatmap analytics are different from the traditional analytics as they concentrate on the user’s movement within a page on your website; not just the movement between different pages. You can utilize these tools to analyze the website’s usability and conversion rate optimization with respect to any element on the web pages.

Visual analytics with heatmap tools are different from the traditional analytics

Click tracking with Click Heatmap tools-

This is a special functionality in all major heatmap tools that tell you about the clicking behavior of the users on the different web pages. They represent the visual graphics in the form of a heatmap, helping you identify the areas that receive most and least attentions. The color codes are defined that represent the level of engagement on each section of the pages. The warmer is the color, the more is the engagement level on that particular section.

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Learn how they scroll with Scroll heatmaps-

The click heatmaps tool work for you by providing a detailed report on click activities of the users, while the scroll heatmaps work a bit differently to provide another useful usability insight of your website. It tells you how the visitors are interacting to different folds on your web pages. A study done with our MockingFish heatmap tool suggest that most of the users engage mostly with the elements kept above the fold on a webpage. While most of the elements kept below the fold fail to gain the proper attention. However, we have also found most of the websites that were able to gain a proper attention even on the part below the fold.

It explains the importance of knowing the engagement level of each element kept on different folds on your webs pages. By using an effective Scroll heatmap tool, you can discover this usability report without any hassle and plan your ways to put the elements accordingly on the web pages. You can also prepare a CRP plan to improve the performance of those nonperforming areas.


It becomes very important that you keep a track of the performance level of each and every element on your web page. Let it be the click interaction with click heatmap tools or scrolling behavior with scroll heatmaps, both the types of analytic ultimately provide you with some solid data that will work stiffly in your CRO campaign. If you are new to these tools and do not want to spend fortunes on the highly paid apps, MockingFish tool can be a great option for you. The MockingFish tool comes combined with an effective A/B testing tool too, and you get all these for free for one year.


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