Mar 21

An OpenCart Heatmap Tool to analyze your visitors

An OpenCart heatmap tool to analyze your visitors | Mockingfish

OpenCart is a very popular and widely used eCommerce platform today. Being one of the most favored eCommerce platforms, it provides easiest setup and maintenance interfaces. Although OpenCart websites posses accomplished flexibility on SEO and CRO front, despite all your efforts, a heatmap tracking is a necessary activity to perform. A heatmap tool can provide a deep insight into the usability levels of the optimizations that you have performed for achieving higher conversion rates.

How can you a heatmap tool on OpenCart sites?

A typical heatmap tool possess a separate dashboard or app used to create heatmap campaigns. This dashboard is generally a separate interface on the heatmap tool’s application site.

The heatmap tool provider asks the website owner to create a user profile on the app and from there they can create the heatmap sessions. After setting up the heatmap tracking, you need to link your OpenCart site with the heatmap tool so that it can access the site Analytics to perform the tracking.

To link the OpenCart site with the heatmap tool, it provides a code snippet that needs to be applied to the website’s code. Now, this is one of the trickiest parts of heatmap tracking which makes the website owners think twice before using a heatmap tool. It requires you to open the website’s codes and apply the codes there.

Not all the website owners can handle the coding complexities. Thus, it becomes a case when they have to depend on webmasters or coders to set up a heatmap tracking on the website.

The alternate non-technical way-

In order to eliminate the dependency on webmasters or coders whenever you want to use a heatmap tool, you have to be very choosy while selecting a heatmap tool for your OpenCart store. Make sure you opt for a heatmap tool that has been designed to serve an OpenCart site.

This crucial task can be made very easy when you have a heatmap tool specially designed for OpenCart sites. For example, the MockingFish heatmap tool provides a personalized user experience for OpenCart sites by using its OpenCart heatmap tool extension.

To use the MockingFish tool on your OpenCart, you just need to first install the OpenCart Heatmap tool plugin and then set up the heatmap tracking project on the MockingFish heatmap tool’s interface. After you set up the heatmap project, you will be provided with a code snippet that you can easily put in your website’s code through the OpenCart Heatmap tool plugin installed in your store.

An OpenCart heatmap tool to analyze your visitors- The alternate non-technical way | Mockingfish

Easy steps to integrate the code snippet in OpenCart codes- 

1. Download and install the free MockingFish OpenCart Heatmap tool plugin.

2. After installation, it will show in your plugins list.

An OpenCart heatmap tool to analyze your visitors- Click on the edit button to open the configuration settings | Mockingfish

3. Click on the edit button to open the configuration settings.

An OpenCart heatmap tool to analyze your visitors- Paste the code snippet | Mockingfish

4. Paste the code snippet (that you get from the MockingFish heatmap project setup) in the MockingFish code section.

5. Enable the module and save the configuration. It will add the code snippet to the correct place in your OpenCart codes.

6. Thus, now your OpenCart is ready to start tracking your visitor’s activities.

Without technical and coding skills it becomes very tough to use a heatmap tool. A tool like OpenCart Heatmap tool plugin can make the task very easy and non-dependent on your webmaster. So, Whenever, you decide to utilize a usability testing on your OpenCart, it is very important that you seek a specialized heatmap tool like the MockingFish tool explained above. Good news is, MockingFish is available for a free trial of one-year duration and you can go real deep in your site’s usability in this meantime.


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