Aug 19

Attention Elements Of A Website Required For Mobile Optimization

The transition of the e- commerce organizations into the world of mobile market has been in the recent times but the efforts are still rewarding due to the huge business opportunities provided by this platform. More and more organizations are making foray into this lesser known mobile world so as to increase their chances of business growth. But, without the effective mobile optimization, your efforts to mark entry into this mobile world will be half baked. Here are some of the crucial website elements that needs to be given proper attention for creating an appealing mobile website for your targeted customers.

  • Simple, clear and performance driven website design- Considering the limited screen size, mobile website needs to be crisp and clear without any unnecessary frills so as to increase the user engagement on your mobile site. Further, it needs to load faster on different mobile based devices so as to keep visitors engaged to the site. An ideal time for any mobile website is thought to be of 2-3 seconds. Moreover, business organization need to track the movement of their visitors through the help of mouse click heatmap tool so as to improve their overall user experience on their mobile website.
  • Easy registration with concise form fields- Customers doing registration through mobile devices have a much smaller screen size as compared to a desktop or laptop screen and thus e- commerce organizations should take efforts in avoiding the frequent scrolling required by the mobile customers. Registration forms on mobile websites should be concise so as to facilitate easier account registration. There should not be unnecessary fields in the registration form so as to avoid customer frustration and boredom.
  • Trustworthy online shopping facility- Often, mobile customers are a bit unsure while making online payment through a mobile website due to the online safety and security concerns. Considering this, appropriate steps should be taken in this direction so as to make online shopping more reliable and secure for mobile customers. Further, e- commerce organizations need to track the mouse click movement of their visitors so as to understand the elements that are stopping people for making an online purchase.
  • Seamless checkout option with multiple payment options- Make online payment from your mobile website a cake walk by optimizing your checkout process and removing unnecessary distractions from the whole process. The checkout process should be a simple exercise with step by step guidance and customers should be provided with multiple methods to make online payment through your mobile site. Business organizations can also take the help of heat map tool so as to understand the most preferred payment method by their targeted customers.
  • Aim for easy customer- company engagement- For any business organizations, having regular customer engagement is very important for the long term business plan and growth of an e- commerce organization. There should be provision for a quick engagement with the company through the help of chat service, phone service, emails and other such mediums. With these mediums, customers can address their concerns, complaints and views about your organization and can help in improving your overall customer experience on your mobile website.

So, these are few website elements that needs the immediate attention of the business organizations that are making transition into the mobile world. By working effectively and making necessary changes in these key elements, e- commerce organizations can easily drive a plenty of customers towards their site so as to improve the conversion rates and product sales.