Aug 30

Best Heatmap and Click Tracking Solutions for Any Website

The importance and utility of a heatmap has now been well understood by every website owner and they don’t need any further introduction. It is clear that website tracking and monitoring can make a crucial impact on the business fortunes of any website but the key to this success in making the right selection of the heatmap tool.

There are plenty of click heatmap and tracking tools available in the market which makes it difficult for the users to make the right decision. We know the difficulty of choosing a single item when there is too much options to choose from. Here in this blog post, we have taken some of the good analytics and heatmap tools to guide our customers in the right direction. Take a quick look and take the help of our insight in making the right business decision.

Click Tale- This click heatmap and advanced tracking tool is quite popular among numerous site owners due to presence of numerous features. The tool offers its free trial services for a month and the price of the paid versions varies depending upon the type of features required by your online business. Some of the features of this heatmap tool are explained as follows:

  • Offers session playback feature for site traffic.
  • Wide range of paid services available ranging from the bronze plan of $99 per month to the enterprise plan where pricing is decided based on the features required by an enterprise.
  • Facility of form analytics, conversion funnels and other efficiency tool.
  • Data driven heatmaps for desktops as well as mobile devices.

MockingFish- This is a surprise entry in the list of heatmap and tracking services and has been my personal favorite due to more than one reasons. This is not just a click heatmap tool but is a complete site analytics package that can transform your online business. Besides having a user friendly dashboard design, high reliability as per the other best tools, simple installation and configuration facilities, the tool has other essential features that are given below:

  • This heatmap tool has a bundle of other features like scroll heatmap, insight heatmap, attention heatmap, mouse movement heatmap, click heatmap and much more.
  • Comes with the most affordable price of $10 per month for enterprise plan while the startup plan is free for the lifetime.
  • Provides hourly reporting to customers.
  • Offers customer support through email, phone and chat.
  • Comes with advanced filtering options and mobile heatmap services.

CrazyEgg- It is another popular heatmap services that provide click heatmap and other tracking facilities. The tool connects to the Google Analytics account for its implementation on your site. The site owner can first avail the free 30 day trial version of this heatmap tool before going for the paid heatmap plans. Here are some of the features of this CrazyEgg heatmap tool as explained below:

  • The tool provides all the standard heatmaps like click heatmap, scroll heatmap, overlay heatmap along with the trademark “confetti” heatmap.
  • The pricing range of a CrazyEgg paid plans start from the basic plan of $9 per month to the pro plan of $99 per month based on the features offered under the heatmap plans.
  • Offers segmentation and other analytics tool for better customer tracking and ROI.

It is definitely time to introspect a little bit and not rush into while buying an effective heatmap tool for your business. By spending a few points, you could save your online business from suffering huge losses in terms of conversion rates, sales and customer engagement. Don’t keep waiting for the right business moment but make the best business move by availing the services of the best click heatmap tool for your website.