Jul 28

Best Place to Use Adsense by Heatmap Report

Getting revenue for a site is a critical task as there is a stiff competition in the field of online business. Business owners are taking the help of various marketing mediums like PPC ads, social media marketing, SEO campaigns, digital marketing and other such mechanisms for optimizing their sales and conversions. Among all these methods, PPC is one such method that has been in use for a long time and has proved its significance among numerous businesses around the world. Google Adsense is a one such PPC ad program that is used by various businesses to increase their customer engagement, conversions and sales. It is a paid program that has played an active role in improving the conversion rate optimization for several websites.

If you are one of the users of Google Adsense program, you need to pay attention towards improving Adsense revenue that can help in getting higher conversions for your website. The use of heatmap tool can help a lot in this direction and can guide in the effective utilization of PPC ads for your website. Here are some of the ways that can help you achieve big in this area through the help of heatmap reports.

Taking help of Google Analytics reports- For ensuring improvement in the performance of the PPC ads, you need to integrate this Google Adsense reports into Google Analytics tool. With this web tracking tool, you would be able to check the performance of your Adsense tool page by page. In this way, site owners are capable of analyzing the performance of website in terms of the PPC advertising program by Google Adsense. Thus, business owners can have a better idea about best place to use Adsense by heatmap report.

Guide site traffic towards high performing PPC areas of your website- With the effective knowledge about PPC advertising program by Adsense through heatmap reports, site owners can get a clear idea about the impact of PPC ads on a website. You need to take the help of a feature packed heatmap tool like MockingFish to track website areas that are getting the highest performance on PPC advertising and the ones that are having the lowest performance.

Target your audience more effectively- By analyzing the performance of your Adsense advertising, you can understand if your CPM advertising is worth your money or not. Site owners can take the help of click heatmap for analyzing Adsense advertising by tracking the clicks of the site visitors. The use of MockingFish click heatmap can be a good decision in this direction as it can provide detailed information about the click activity of visitors in terms of mouse clicks on the PPC ads. Once, you are clearly aware about the success or failure of your PPC advertising, required efforts can be taken to improve your customer targeting approach.

In this way, business owners can make proper utilization of PPC ads through heatmap reports for grabbing more conversions and traffic on their site. A Proper analysis of all these points can help in understanding the best place to use Adsense by heatmap report. So, make the maximum use of PPC advertising through detailed heatmap reports of our MockingFish tool. For utilizing the free version of this heatmap tool, do visit our MockingFish site at www.mockingfish.com.