Jan 24

Best ways to drive conversions for your online store in 2017

Best ways to drive conversions for your online store in 2017 | MockingFish

Online shopping is touching skies day after day. Each day comes with a greater surprise. From massive discounts in holiday seasons to Amazon prime Air drone making its first delivery in the UK, everything comes with a new excitement. The newest the year of 2017 has too come with some surprises in its truck and it will reveal them slowly one by one. One thing is clear, 2017 is going to be a year of mass online shopping and us as the online store owners are ready to grab our shares.

So let’s greet this eCommerce year with our preparedness. Here, I am going to discuss some certain ways that will help you to drive more and more conversions this year.

Ways to accelerate your online conversions this year

1. Find the ones you are looking for (target customers): To be very frank, customers are the pillars of any business activity. Whether it is an offline retail store or an online store; without customers, nothing matters at all. So, first of all, decide the sections of the customer population you are going to target this year. The sections may vary from Age group, location, gender, to the users based on different devices.

Decide, your target population so that you can personalize your efforts to lure them towards your store.

2. Shift your primary target from desktop users to mobile users: The year of 2017 is going to witness an unseen increase in the number of smartphone users. If you are still unaware of the fact that mobile users are now more important, look at these updates from Google itself:

Shift your primary target from desktop users to mobile users Shift your primary target from desktop users to mobile users1 Shift your primary target from desktop users to mobile users2


Information courtesy: Searchengineland

Above data clearly defines how mobile users are going to be your top most priority in 2017. From growing number of users on mobile base to shift in search patterns towards eCommerce domain, every data advocates the growing importance of users from mobile phones.

3. Improve your UX on mobile checkouts: Though the number of queries from mobile devices are higher than the desktop devices, most of the users still prefer to complete a checkout on a desktop only. The major reason for this is the user experience and payment security. There are still a large number of sites who are not responsive to the mobile devices. So, the kind of user experience presented on mobile devices are not trustworthy for the customers. To avoid this, make sure that your eCommerce website is fully responsive to a large range of mobile devices and provide a hassle free checkout.

Optimize your checkout pages to provide a seamless checkout experience to your targeted base and give them a reason to tap on your checkout CTA without any fear. Embedding logos of trust can help you tackle the fear of payment security. If you are using any such payment security, then you should not miss showing the respective logo of security on your checkout page.

4. Content is still the king: Yes, content is and will always be a great driver of website traffic. The more relevant and more accurate contents you publish on your site, the more interested visitors will come to it. A relevant content is like sugar cube that attracts the interested customers to your site. Publish some articles, graphics, videos, testimonials that are not a direct promotion of your site but provide some relevant information in your domain. The role of contents in conversion optimization of eCommerce stores should be bogged down from your CRO strategy this year.

5. Give them some financial reasons for coming back: Offers, discounts, rewards, vouchers, these are some important facts in eCommerce world today which drive most of the conversions. The year of 2017 is too not going to be left untouched with them. As we know that it is much tougher to retain a customer than to get a new one. The financial reasons provided in the form of offers and discounts act as a catalyst to encourage shoppers to shop again with you. If you are not able to retain your existing customers then ti would be a great loss on your part. Because 2017 is going to provide your customers with lots of alternatives and these alternatives will cost you fortunes.


Off course, checkout page optimization, speed loading, minimization in shipping cost, landing page optimization and so on, there are still some more ways that you need to latch upon. However, the above five tips are most important and you should seriously think of working them out in addition to the regular CRO.


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