A/B Testing

Jun 21

A/B testing for Mobile Website in 2018

In 2015 the mobile traffic, as visioned by the eCommerce experts became just as prevalent as desktop traffic. This is why we’ve been stressing upon the emphasis on the mobile responsiveness to the customers ever since then. In last few years, the amount of traffic coming from the smartphones or smaller devices like tablets has

Apr 25

Be on the Positive side: 5 A/B Testing Rules to Improve

If you take a better look at the eCommerce industry, you’d find two kinds of marketers – one would be those who happily A/B test their websites and the variables and those who live by their gut feeling and consider A/B testing a waste of time. Well, what’s worse is that the former are lesser

Mar 8

Is running A/A Test before A/B testing beneficial?

Being an eCommerce marketer, you must have heard or even practiced A/A testing before A/B testing. The idea or the question to A/A test itself invites conflicting opinions. The majority of the companies face a dilemma when it comes to deciding whether to do this process or not. Well, understanding what A/A testing is and

Mar 1

Be wise and Use this 7-Step A/B Testing Process

When it comes to A/B testing, it can get very tricky for the companies to understand where to start. All they have to remember is people and processes are equally essential as it is to choose the tool that you’ll be acquiring to conduct the test for your website. You should ask certain questions while

Dec 7

4 Questions to ask before A/B testing

With the propagation of the A/B testing tools, the era of experimentation is finally here. When you look at how the face of the e-commerce industry has changed with the constant improvement that these experimentations have made possible, you’d see how far we’ve come. In today’s time, having an eCommerce business that grows is more

Nov 24

7 Do’s and Don’ts of A/B Testing

A/B testing can gain fortunes if it is done right. You can find tons of articles and posts explaining the best A/B testing ideas and hacks. They all pull up pretty well and provide some valuable information. However, I don’t want to be complex and high end with my post. I will keep it simple

Nov 2

5 Effortless Steps for Making an Event-specific Marketing Campaign

The holiday season sale is just around the corner, therefore, the web store owners have started to search for innovative approaches in order to make better sales. The holidays in the best time for any eCommerce store owner to embark the step towards a better conversion rates. Though, the sales season is one of the

Oct 27

6 Reasons A/B Testing is a must for the eCommerce Sites

The growth of any website is directly depends upon the number of conversions made by the website. The conversions rate may be set as a benchmark for the success of the owner. Therefore, the website owner is always in the constant need to learn better approaches in order to make successful sales from the website

Oct 26

5 Rules for Making Effective CTAs for the Sales Season

Rules for Making Effective CTAs for the Sales SeasonThe success of a website depends upon several factors. A good website will encourage the viewers to browse and explore it in a better way. Thus, there is an immediate need of introducing features which can help in making website more engaging. The mass involvement of the

Oct 24

How to Use A/B Test to Enhance the Quality of your Blog?

The dependence of split testing in getting the information about the suitability of any web blog or content is quite popular. Also, known as A/B testing, is a method of comparing two contents by presenting them in front of the same audience at different times. The test provides effective results to the website admin in