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Apr 21

How to setup an A/B testing experiment on MockingFish?

MockingFish provides an economical yet efficient A/B testing tool to the testers. With its A/B split testing and various usability testing options, MockingFish is a multi-testing program that provides so many options to the testers. Audience targeting, URL targeting, click heatmap tracking, scroll map tracking are some of the main features that you can easily

Apr 7

Did you try the new Google Optimize A/B testing tool?

After a prolonged stay in beta version, the stable version of Google Optimize is now finally available for everyone. With this release, Google has made both of its Optimize and Optimize 360 A/B testing tools accessible to the general public. While Google Optimize is free of cost, The Google Optimize 360 is believed to be

Mar 10
How to utilize a Magento AB testing tool for easy test campaign setup | MockingFish

How to utilize a Magento A/B testing tool for easy test campaign setup?

E-Commerce and conversion rate optimization are the two important things that go hand in hand in the online world. An eCommerce business without conversion is same as not having a website at all. We talk about conversion optimization tips about different eCommerce stores; some or easy to adopt and some are real tricky when it

Mar 7

Is your Free A/B testing tool really usable?

The market is full of A/B testing tools that claim to provide the best testing experience free of cost. Today, when I searched on the web, there were thousands of results in front of me on Google’s SERP. Unfortunately, I did not find a single tool which really serves my purpose. A/B testing tools are

Feb 23

Secret tricks for getting reliable results from your A/B testing tool

Conversion rate optimization is something that lets you squeeze out the most from your existing assets. By assets, I mean the website traffic that you already have. A/B testing plays a very crucial role in your CRO campaign. How? What happens when you carry out an A/B testing on your website? Just Google it, you

Jan 31

Some common, but deadly mistakes committed while A/B testing websites

A/B testing your website is an essential component of the conversion optimization strategy for your business. You might also have conducted a test for your website at some point of time. However, most of those who take a test on their website are not able to utilize it effectively to deduce some effective results. The

Dec 22

A/B testing tips for achieving appealing site headlines

Who says headlines does not matter in a site? If it is really so, why do the headlines of your emails, banners, campaigns and other content do need so much attention? A headline may be a small component of a website but the overall impact is much more than its own size. An appealing headline

Nov 18

Upgrade your A/B testing Strategy with a heat map tool

It’s really frustrating when you design a variation for your website, landing page, or any element and the only thing you find is either there is no difference between the conversion rates or the variation’s rate is even than the original. Unfortunately, it just causes a sense of vein or a waste of time. Website

Nov 14

7 Reasons that make A/B testing important for B2B sites

Businesses have different ways to make profits and achieve required business results. There are certain business entities that deal directly with the customers for their product/services while there are other sites that involve with other businesses only. Earlier, it was perceived that A/B testing was meant for sites that deal with B2C basis and not

Oct 14

4 Situations when you need to avoid A/B testing

There are times when even the best practices may not offer you the desired results and the entire efforts may go waste within no time. This is a common scenario and happens with numerous site owners that are involved in various business domains. Inspite of adopting A/B testing practices, site owners are still struggling hard