Click Heatmap

Oct 30

How to Design Smarter Website UI to Leverage eCommerce Conversion Optimization?

The immediate need of catching the visitor’s eye in order to get better engagement has led to rise in various techniques. The website now focuses mainly on the design part as it is the backbone of a website. The better is the design of the website more are the chances to get conversions. In the

Aug 10

4 Key Strategies To Boost Up Your Landing Page Performance

If you are wondering about the ways to maximize the performance of your landing page, you must make sure you have the answers to these fundamentals questions: How would you accomplish an optimized landing page design for your audience? What is the best hierarchy to put the headings, sub headings, and other important content? Where

Mar 15

How to use a Click heatmap tool to optimize your CTA performance?

  Click heatmaps are the fabulous approach to comprehend your visitors’ behavior and use that understanding for conversion rate optimization. Call-to-action buttons are very important and non-replaceable element of a web page. Especially, the landing page becomes useless when its CTA button does not function as it is expected to. Today, we will understand how

Mar 9

Mouse click heatmap, and what they say about your CTAs?

The name call-to-action is enough to state that ‘they are important’. A website without call-to-action is just another investment that would return void for your business. So, CTAs are ‘so important’. A proper place for CTA on your website is equally important as having a CTA at all. Any smart web design will have a

Mar 2

How to increase conversion with Click Heatmap tool?

There is a lot of investment in developing and hosting a website. Have you ever wondered if the website is bringing enough conversions to you and your business? I mean, after spending so many bucks, can you now compensate that expenditure with the business your website brings to you? And if not, have you ever

Feb 9

3 ways to work with click heatmap tools to convert better with your site

Click heatmap is a visual representation and collected data about where your visitors click on your site. The deeper is the color, the more clicks have been received on the particular element. So, Red is a color of success here. The extensive data provided by the click heatmaps give us a very useful information about

Jan 12

Achieve an engaging UI design with an assistance from Heatmap tool

You might have worked with the traditional analytics that provides you with the information on how your website is performing. Unfortunately, these traditional tools cannot tell you why it is performing like this. Point is, they cannot tell you about the reasons behind any kind of performance of your website; positive or negative. Here, we

Aug 30

Best Heatmap and Click Tracking Solutions for Any Website

The importance and utility of a heatmap has now been well understood by every website owner and they don’t need any further introduction. It is clear that website tracking and monitoring can make a crucial impact on the business fortunes of any website but the key to this success in making the right selection of

Aug 17

Some Site Elements to Target with Your Click Heatmap Tool

A website is a combination of big and small elements that together defines the success or failure of your online business. It is a brilliant amalgamation of various components that has the potential to take your online business to greater heights. The impact of different site element keeps on changing and there are chances that

Jul 28

Best Place to Use Adsense by Heatmap Report

Getting revenue for a site is a critical task as there is a stiff competition in the field of online business. Business owners are taking the help of various marketing mediums like PPC ads, social media marketing, SEO campaigns, digital marketing and other such mechanisms for optimizing their sales and conversions. Among all these methods,