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May 27

Click Heat Map Tool for a seamless website redesign

A website which is not engaging and visually appealing is good for nothing as it is unable to fulfill the desired business goals. Any online visitor who comes to your site decides to spend a considerable amount of time if the website is compelling in terms of design, user experience and navigation. There are instances

May 12

Learn How Mouse Clicks Can Guide You Through Higher Conversions

Heat maps may have entered the online business environment for some years back but it is quite evident that they are going to rule this unexplored territory for a long time. This is because these site monitoring and web analytics tool can paint a clear picture regarding all the customer activity on your site. Heat

May 6

Click Heat Map- A journey from Click Activity to Conversions

It is the need of the hour to keep a close eye on your site visitors for analyzing their site activity for better customer engagement and conversions. With the stiff business competition and constant rising consumer expectations, monitoring of the visitor behavior has become more important than before. This has definitely become one of the

Aug 14

5 Ideas To Boost Your Conversion Rates

The changing business scenario and the swarming of the numerous e- commerce organizations have made product sales tougher for various business organizations. There are organizations that are having a dream run in terms of sales revenue whereas there are others that are struggling hard to meet their daily operating cost of running their e- commerce

May 27

Reasons Why Social Media Should be Used Selectively for Improving Conversion Rate

The clout of social media has suddenly become huge and it has become an indispensable part of business organization around the world. You may have observed those social media symbols like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and such others on the website of different business organizations. Although its influence has been unchallenged in business sphere but

Apr 9

Simple Steps To Improve Your Websites Functionality

4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Websites Functionality Online marketers put in a lot of effort to engage users and bring traffic to their website. However, they usually fail to achieve desired results because somewhere or the other there is a lack of understanding visitors behavior. “Visitor flow” or the way users interact with your