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Jul 31

Conversion Optimization Through Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is a crucial asset for your business. However, here, I am not just concerned about the highly sophisticated email marketing software and services. The small tweaks and implementation to automate the emails sent by your website can lead you to unthinkable opportunities. In this article, we will see how you can use

Jul 25

Wonders You Can Do With The 404 Pages On Your Website

Seeing a 404 page is more like a blockage in the regular flow of action on the website. When users encounter a 404 page, they feel a bit of shock, surprise, and disappointment, thinking what is wrong now! It’s a mixed feeling coming out as a sense of being dumped by the site. Even worse,

Jun 29

Simply in the ways to create Mobile Landing Pages

You must have probably already chosen a responsive theme for your website. It’s really a good decision to go for a mobile responsive theme, and you know that. When mobile traffic has become so abundant nowadays, you cannot afford to loose any of your potential customers just because your website is not responsive. But, what

Jun 21

7 Ways Images Could Be Killing Your Conversions

Images and photos have always been one of the top contenders to optimize your website’s UX and conversion rate on the whole. One cannot think of an eCommerce website without images and photos on it. Whether it is a banner, Category, Landing page or a Product image, you need photos everywhere on your eCommerce store.

Jun 10

10 Website Metrics To Track Your Website Performance- Part 2

The first part of the article has explained how tracking some important metrics can help you excel on SEO and conversion front. In this post, I will continue with where we left in the “10 website metrics to track your website performance- Part 1”. So, let’s track some more metrics and see how they affect

Jun 2

10 website metrics to track your website performance- Part 1

When you have a website, and you are a curious website owner hoping to touch the sky of success with your site, you want to stay updated with various things- How fast your website loads? Is it generating the leads for the business? How is the traffic generation? On which keywords you rank well? Which

May 29

7 tips to increase your conversion rates instantly

When you are working on your conversion rate optimization, having a good conversion rate is what you aim for. Here I am enlisting 7 different ways that you can adopt in your CRO campaign to gain higher conversion rates. So, let’s just hop in and check out these tips. 1. Leverage the power of A/B

May 15

Optimize 360: Implications of the Google’s new offering

2017 could be a milestone in the field of Conversion Rate Optimization because of a single development by the tech giant- Google Optimize, and Google Optimize 360. Both of these testing tools were in beta mode for a long time. However, after a prolonged stay in beta, both were finally made available to the general

Mar 1

Why is Home Page not always the best place to drive website traffic?

There are an unlimited number of ways using which you drive website traffic for your business. For most of these ways, the most chosen place on your website for driving traffic to is the home page. Home page always seems like the best place to open up yourself to your customers. However, if you think

Feb 22

You can kill your conversion rate by making these mistakes

E-commerce site, Opportunities, conversions, sales, revenue- these are some words that drive the eCommerce business today. If your eCommerce site is fulfilling these words with their true meaning, success is yours. Really! Is it that easy to grab the opportunities with your eCommerce site so that it converts into sales and generate desired revenue? Not