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Feb 10

Some designing mistakes that are killing your conversion rate optimization

Conversion is always synonyms with eCommerce and business. After all, it is what that keeps the business houses around the world moving. Many times we ignore mistakes that are actually acting as a killer for your conversion rates. This is more relevant in terms of eCommerce, where we make too many experiments to enhance the

Feb 3

Some conversion optimization myths that you should be aware of

The word conversion rate optimization (CRO), is one of the most discussed and misinterpreted term in the eCommerce arena. CRO has always been a buzz word when it comes to online commerce activities. However, many who are in this eCommerce arena who don’t get the exact meaning of the word and equate it to some

Jan 24

Best ways to drive conversions for your online store in 2017

Online shopping is touching skies day after day. Each day comes with a greater surprise. From massive discounts in holiday seasons to Amazon prime Air drone making its first delivery in the UK, everything comes with a new excitement. The newest the year of 2017 has too come with some surprises in its truck and

Jan 6

CRO trends that you should look on for your CRO campaign in 2017

Conversion rate optimization(CRO) is the word when you talk about e-commerce business. It is a shared destination of all the e-commerce websites that are operating out there. Achieving an optimum conversion rate is what every e-commerce website strives for. However only a few of them are able to achieve it by utilizing various tools and

Dec 23

Last minute conversion optimization for a merrier Christmas sale

Festivity of Christmas brings the cheer for both the customers and business. Though most of the Christmas budgets are already spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, there are still some buyers who look specially for the Christmas deals to get their desired products at cheaper rates. You can always convert such deals with

Dec 19

Bad Customers: Do they exist and how can you identify them?

E-Commerce or any business activity include customers as the main component for their existence. In fact, most of the business traditions consider the customer as not less than ‘God.’ It’s a profound truth that the clients are the reason why companies exist. Conversion rates, for which every eCommerce site fights, is directly depended on the

Dec 15

5 simple tips to optimize the user experience of eCommerce customers

User experience needs to be the foremost priority for every online store that is thinking about making a quick business overhaul with their conversion rates and sales. It is important to offer your customers a unique online shopping experience that can encourage them to return to an online store again and again. Every online shopper

Dec 12

How to create the landing pages that convert?

Creating a converting landing page is not an impossible task. Even in a highly competitive eCommerce market, you can always create a converting landing page. There is bulk of components which decides the conversion of a landing page. You have to take care of those essential elements and Bingo; you have an excellent, converting landing

Dec 8

Some of the eCommerce initiatives taken by Indian Government in various sectors

The Indian Government is suddenly moving towards a more transparent mode of functioning in bureaucracy, government purchases, resource/tender allocation and other such activities. Due to the regular emergence of corruption incidents, the involvement of middlemen in government purchases and other such activities, eCommerce seems to be the right way of business engagement. This is certainly

Dec 7

How to boost the performance of your eCommerce search results?

People coming on an eCommerce store are making a quick product purchase with the help of result oriented search results. No visitor would like to browse every category and sub category pages on a site for buying the desired product. For above circumstances, a search box on an eCommerce site is the only way out