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Aug 28

Designing a Website? Here’s What You Need Know From Seo Perspective

The entire concept of search engine optimization is vast and never-ending. However, it starts right from the development phase of a website. There is a huge list of SEO tactics that can help optimize the position of the site on Google SERP, but the very first aspect to make the website in line with SEO

Mar 21

An OpenCart Heatmap Tool to analyze your visitors

OpenCart is a very popular and widely used eCommerce platform today. Being one of the most favored eCommerce platforms, it provides easiest setup and maintenance interfaces. Although OpenCart websites posses accomplished flexibility on SEO and CRO front, despite all your efforts, a heatmap tracking is a necessary activity to perform. A heatmap tool can provide

Mar 6

5 explanations on why website heat map is important

Website heat map is a modern means used by marketers or website owners to decide a path of actions in CRO front. They do so by tracking the visitor’s behavior in relation to your website. Tracking your visitor’s behavior is something that is not done like eye tracking. Instead, A website heat map tool is

Mar 3

How to get the best output with a heatmap tool on conversion front?

A heatmap tool is something about which you can find millions of articles. Articles talking about how a particular heatmap tool would sprinkle the magic-dust to fly your conversion rates. The fact is, no paid heatmap or free heatmap tool can start driving conversions for your website magically. It’s not the heatmap tool that does

Feb 28

Heatmap is a window into your visitor’s mind

When your car acts weird, what would you do? Would you just open the hood and start meshing with the parts? I might say, it’s not a great idea. Doing so might get you to a condition when you make the things more complicated even for the mechanic. I hope, you don’t choose this path.

Feb 8

FAQs related to heatmaps: The questions you generally ask

Heatmaps have been there from around 3-4 decades. Initially, they were devised to capture and highlight the dynamic variables in the form of 2D color- coded matrix. However, later on, they found their usage in industrial, scientific and finance related purposes. The latest sector where these heatmaps have found their usage is the eCommerce arena.

Feb 1

Heatmap- How it helps in enhancing customer navigation?

Heatmap emerged out as an effective tool in your CRO armory. The tool has bought some serious results on the conversion front of the websites. From business giants to start-ups, all have utilized this tool at least once in their operation time. The effect it has on the usability of your website is what we

Jan 27

What can you learn from heatmap?

Heatmap is often rated as one of the most effective tool in conversion optimization arena. It’s effectiveness and efficiency are hidden from none. A large number of websites step on to take a heatmap analysis for their web pages to analyze the behavioral and navigational pattern of the visitors on their website. This analysis has

Jan 16

What Google’s eye-tracking heatmap analysis reveals?

The results of the latest study of Google on the visitor’s behavior on Search engine response pages (SERPs) were revealed sometimes back. Google utilized the eye-tracking heatmap technique to derive the results from visitor’s online behavior analysis. The fact that the study came after almost a decade of the eye-tracking study of 2005, makes it

Jan 13

Why heatmap tools are essential for start-ups?

Heatmap has earned its name as an effective tool for analyzing the behavior of the customers on your website. It helps you to track those areas on your web page that are witnessing a kind of ignorance from the visitors.Moreover, you even get a complete idea of those areas which are performing well and producing