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Sep 16

A Heatmap Tool Built to Address Multiple Site Platforms

With the diverse use of website and eCommerce platforms, it has become difficult to utilize a single tool that can help in improving the performance of a website. It is a common phenomenon which occurs in a business environment but the ultimate sufferers are the site owners who have their sites built on various back

Sep 13

Using Heatmap Tool to Increase Content Performance

It is important to constantly track the movement of your site visitors to understand the mindset and intention behind visiting a particular site. If you are unable to analyze the visitor movement, it will be much easier to grab the required conversions for your site. An engaging web design is not just the sole criteria

Aug 29

Use of Heatmap Tool to Improve Conversion

It is really a great feeling for every online business if they can monitor the activity of their site visitors and can utilize the same data for the growth of their online business. In a competitive business environment, it is important to keep a track on your visitor activity to grab the maximum sales and

Aug 19

What is Website Heatmap Tool? All you Need to Know About It.

Websites are meant to grab visitor attention and boost sales revenue for any business. To serve this crucial purpose, they need to be engaging and compelling for site visitors. Although, there are various factors that can affect the conversion and engagement potential of your site but the impact of a heatmap tool can’t be ignored

Aug 2

How to Improve User Experience with a Heatmap Tool?

Site visitors play a supreme role in enhancing the performance of an online store as they are the ones who take the final crucial business decision. It is definitely a herculean task to keep these visitors engaged on your online store for optimum business results. User experience offered by your site has a critical role

Jul 27

Heat Mapping Tools for Business Growth and Conversions

For making the most in your particular business segment, it is important to adopt the right approaches and mechanisms for the same. Some things have the capability to grab the instant attention in a business scenario and heatmaps are one among them. They have become the basic guiding tool that can help in improving the

Jul 22

Understanding the Basics of Heatmap

It is rightly said that “If you want to make the most of a situation, it is important to have a complete understanding of the concerned elements” for avoiding any confusion and mismanagement in the later stage. There has been a great speculation and gossip about heatmaps regarding their overview, performance, importance and types for

Jul 19

Sneak peek into A/B Testing and Heatmap Services for CMS Platforms

It is often seen that availability of various platforms or options makes it difficult to arrive at a final conclusion while making a crucial business decision. Further, if you are trying to avail the services of a powerful A/B testing and heatmap tools, you need to look out for a tool that is platform independent.

Jun 14

A Website Heatmap Tool to Keep You Ahead From Your Rivals

Every business is a game of hits and misses where sometimes your strategy works for you and at times it does affect your business chances in the long run. If you are not willing to improve your mistakes, it is certain that you will have a tough road ahead in terms of conversion rates, product

Feb 18

How Heat Map Data can Drive Conversions for your Business?

Data analysis is an important part of every business activity as it helps to provide critical insight about the performance and working of a business. Without the support of an effective website tracking and analysis software, you can’t decide what is going wrong, which are the grey areas in your site, what needs to be