Scroll Heatmap

Oct 13

5 Ways Scroll Heatmap Helps you Identify the Customer’s Behavior

The overall success of a website is determined by it’s contents to a very large extend. Meanwhile, one of the other factor which acts as a supporting feature would be the customer’s enrollment with those contents. A website admin must know about the performance of the website. It enables the admin to make better edits

Mar 14

Scroll heatmap tool for a perfect content marketing

Content marketing through articles and blog has become very popular form of communication with the customers. In this internet-dominated world, you largely rely on contents for both CRO and SEO of your websites. In 2017 content have become the mainstream for SEO, and after the latest Google penguin release, it has become important like nothing

Sep 6

How to Use Scroll Heatmap for Conversions?

When the competition in the eCommerce world is heating up, it is important to have something that can provide you the required lead among your targeted customers. You can’t provide the same level of services and expect a windfall change in your business fortunes. It is important to take the help of web analytics and

Aug 23

How to Bring Customers Towards Conversion Funnel Through Scroll Heatmap?

With the presence of scrolling facility on a site, visitors can access a large volume of information by occupying a small space on the website. They are particularly useful when you have to feature a wide range of elements and data on your website. To make the proper utilization of scrolling activity on your site,