Split Testing

Sep 20

How can you Set up the First Split Test for your Website?

It is important to perform split testing on a website for ensuring its maximum usability and performance among your targeted customers. In this competitive business environment, you need to have a website which is engaging as well as appealing for your site visitors for grabbing desired business results. However, the stalemate occurs when people do

Sep 1

Step-by-Step Guide to Split Testing with Google Analytics

Split testing is one of the most prominent web testing technique that has gained immense popularity around the world. It is reliable, result oriented and is backed by real time data results which further helps in building a great euphoria around this web testing technique. It has shown promising results in the field of conversion

Aug 10

Dos and Don’ts of Split Testing for a Promising Online Business

It is rightly said that “Look before you leap” in order to avoid the severe consequences that come due to careless introspection. Particularly, in case of online business, even a minor step can prove to be costly in terms of conversions and product sales. Considering all this scenario, it is important to implement the decisions

Jul 8

How can you Get Started With Split Testing for Your Online Business?

Online business is undergoing a phase where they are trying out various marketing strategies, search engine optimization techniques, content marketing and other such approaches to emerge victorious among their competitors. They are trying their every bit to grab their share of conversions and sales among the crowd to regain their position in search engine result