Jan 3

How A/B testing can enhance the performance of your landing page?

  What is A/B Testing? A/B Testing is an effective tool which can be used to enhance the performance of your web page, so that you can achieve the desired result and optimize your conversion rates. In A/B Testing, two versions of the same web page are compared with each other. The one with original

Dec 30

How to retain visitors on your eCommerce store for maximum conversions?

What oxygen is to humans, are the visitors to a website? Yes, it would not be any hyperbole if we say that visitors are an inseparable part of any business activity. The failure to grab traffic for your website can lead to a significant impact on conversion rates, product sales and online visibility. You need

Dec 5

Video calling on WhatsApp- tough days to come for Google Duo

It is finally revealed that WhatsApp is going to launch the new WhatsApp Video calling feature soon in its stable update. The feature is though still available for all the beta users as the new feature is officially in the beta version of WhatsApp which is likely to come soon in the stable version too.

Nov 30

7 Tips to Follow for a Successful eCommerce Store Setup

Businesses are all about taking the right decisions and implementing the right strategy that can work in your favor. As an eCommerce business owner, you are always looking for those techniques which can help your business move up faster among your rivals. If you are a smart business owner, you need to implement new features

Oct 21

How to A/B test a PrestaShop site, and why is it important?

A/B testing and PrestaShop, both are the trending topics in eCommerce today. PrestaShop is a famous open source eCommerce website solution that provides the website owners with a convenient CMS to manage an eCommerce site. While the A/B testing is a completely different topic that deals with conversion optimization of the websites. Though these two

Oct 6

A/B testing Guide for beginners- concepts you should know

A/B testing or some might even call it as A/B/n testing is a way to test the performance level of the changes we do on our site. We perform a large number of changes on our site without even without thinking how these changes would perform in terms of the conversion rates. A/B testing is

Aug 31

Reasons For The Failure Of Your Landing Page

Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin and both are likely to occur. There is no such clear rule that can ensure the success of a business organization and can limit the chances of failure. Both are inevitable and are likely to happen depending upon the efforts and the right approaches

Aug 28

How To Decode Your Customer Mindset Through Landing Page?

Understanding the minds of your audience is crucial not only for your business but also to plan the long term business strategy. Without decoding your customer mindset, it is difficult to make significant changes in your conversion rates as well as sales revenue. Landing page is one such effort that can help your business organization

Aug 28

How To Build Customers For Your Business With A User Generated Content?

Customer engagement is becoming very crucial for the success of any business organization as it is ultimately the customers who are at the helm of influencing the business prospects of any organization. In order to boost their product sales and conversion rates, e- commerce organizations are interacting with their targeted customers through social media accounts,

Aug 27

How To Boost Your Customer Trust And Confidence Through An Effective Return Policy?

Winning customer trust and loyality is very crucial for the growth and progress of a business organization. If you want to score brownie points among your business rivals, you need to have a reliable army of customers that can swear by the quality and effectiveness of your advertised product. Customer trust and loyalty are the